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Order Fulfillment Service for Inbound Shipping to Europe

The European Union has 25 countries, with their rules, laws, and regulations, some of which are imposed on the European level.

To ship your products or chemical substances to Europe, you need to take into consideration the barriers. Warehouse laws, transportation rules, and directives from the Economic community of Europe. Any company or a foreign manufacturer that needs to transport a chemical substance within the Europe is required to have a European presence.

And, European presence without European entity can only be managed by hiring a REACH only agent or by registering for the order fulfillment service.

With the CAPLINQ’S order fulfillment service, your company is provided with the distinct European presence that puts you on the level of European suppliers without any hassle. Our shipping service not only includes the logistics supply chain service but also complies with the European customs authorities and help the suppliers to have a ready stock of the products.

Process of Order Fulfillment Service

Customer places an order from the supplier. Supplier notifies us, and we pick up the goods and act as a supplier’s fiscal representatives for VAT and taxes. Our team makes the use -40 degrees to -20 degrees temperature for the safe transportation of the goods. After the completion of order fulfillment service, we pay the selling price directly to the supplier.

Therefore, we reach 75% customers on first, 90% in second, and 99% of the third day.

CAPLINQ’s Inbound Shipping Service

We use fiscal representation import the products for the manufacturing cost and VAT deferment license to offer your good as tax deferred to your customers. In our order fulfillment service, we make use of the best in class logistics and distribution services that will deliver the product to your customer in a faster and cheaper way.

CAPLINQ also applies state of the art technology to track the stock and sales levels regularly. Our inbound shipping services include:

  • Container Shipping: With regular shipments of 40-foot containers, we move more than 300 metric tons of plastics and chemicals.
  • Air Shipments: We have made arrangements with DHL, Fedex, and UPS to move goods from the suppliers loading docks to the customer’s receiving port.
  • Truck Forwarding: With our truck forwarding service, we reach 99% of the customers in 72 hours.

In addition, in our order fulfillment charges, we provide you with a fixed price list and a clear logistics adder for the order fulfillment.

We don’t work like other third party logistics instead as we provide you with the entire supply chain that is refrigerated at the temperature at five degrees-20 degrees Celsius. CAPLINQ thrives on providing the cold supply chain solutions along with the temperature monitors making sure that your goods are not damaged during transit.

To learn more regarding the services provided by CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment services for the inbound shipping of chemicals to Europe, visit www.caplinq.com. You can also contact us if you have questions regarding the services of CAPLINQ’S order fulfillment service.

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