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Order Fulfillment Pricing: Logistics Adder For Your Products

Order fulfillment pricing is a fee that is defined as the cost associated with a service that simply relates to the order fulfillment process, which includes storage, receiving, order and returns processing.

There are various foreign suppliers that sell their products to the EXW factory before they sell them into Europe. By doing this, they shift the burden of importing, shipping, and customs clearance directly to their customers. Though this is not a customer friendly option, but not knowing what charge for the services comes as a daunting task on its own.

CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment pricing service is designed so that suppliers can build a European Sales Price List for each of the products with the details like weight, dimensions of the product, and COGS. And just with these three details, we will give you a price estimate to deliver the products to European customers.

Benefits Of Using Our Order Fulfillment Pricing Service

We use a transparent logistics adder: Our fulfillment pricing comes with a transparent cost structure that is made up of billable weight and duty charge.

Foreign suppliers can pay duty on the manufacturing price: With our order fulfillment service, you only have to pay the duty on the manufacturing price.

The amount of duty that is paid on these goods depends upon the value of goods and the harmonization of goods.

CAPLINQ determines a fixed rate for the service: We use the same formula that is used by the various courier partners to determine the billable weight. However, the billable weight is greater than that of dimensional and gross weight.

Gross weight is the net weight of the product along with the weight of packaging. While the dimensional weight means package’s weight in kilograms!

We give you a personalized location rate: We prepare a custom order fulfillment pricing based on your shipping requirements. There are some goods that require special storage conditions, while others won’t.

Moreover, the best part of the location rate is that it allows you to mix and match your goods. Furthermore, the variables that can affect the location rate are- the weight of the product, pickup and delivery address, condition of goods, and other special handling requirements.

To learn more regarding the services provided by CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment pricing for the foreign companies, visit www.caplinq.com. You can also contact us if you have questions regarding our order fulfillment service.

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