Plastics & Chemical Order Fulfillment in Europe For Foreign Companies

So you want to sell and export your plastics and chemicals into Europe? For most foreign and non-European companies, the smart move is to use the order fulfillment services of a European third-party logistics provider. That way, you avoid the financial and legal burden of developing and maintaining your own European legal presence and logistics infrastructure. While, all the while, enjoying the market representation of an already establish Order Fulfillment Service.

Different European languages, calculating shipping quotes and taxes, tracking orders and inventory: warehousing, packing, processing, all while complying with EU regulations… should I go on? All of these time-consuming chores eat away at your efficiency and distract you. If you want to focus your attention on developing, producing, and marketing your own chemical and plastic products, then a third-party logistics provider is your best option.

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers usually also offer order-fulfillment services on behalf of client companies. With eCommerce booming it’s a fast-growing multi-billion-euro global industry. With thousands of order fulfillment service providers already out there, it’s important that you pick the right one.


For an integrated Logistics and Order-Fulfillment Solution: Small & Specialized is better than Big & Generic

Order-Fulfillment for sporting goods in Canada?  Order-Fulfillment for meat products in Australia? When it comes to specialty goods, specialized 3PL’s are agiler and out-perform the bigger and more generic providers. They have the supply-chain contacts and specialist logistics know-how to be more effective and respected in their specific markets.

More importantly, specialized order fulfillment services offer more flexibility, responsiveness, and a more focused service. Specialized order fulfillment services are customized and offer a tailored customer experience. They also have fine-tuned marketing for your particular product niche. In Europe especially, it’s important to be able to adapt to different regional languages and cultures.

For exporting chemicals and plastics into the European market, CAPLINQ is the right specialized third-party logistics and order fulfillment partner for you.

CAPLINQ is a specialty B2B plastics and chemicals Supplier, Distributor, and Market Partner for the European Market.

At CAPLINQ, we are able to combine our expertise in plastics, chemicals, and logistics to provide a highly-specialized seamless order fulfillment service: serving your plastics and chemicals to your European customers.  As a European specialist in plastics and chemicals we combine our order-fulfillment services with our REACH OR and Chemical substance testing services, along with our Fiscal representation and customs service, to offer a wide range of advantages over larger and less specialized third-party logistics providers:

To learn more about CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment service for the foreign companies, visit You can also contact us if you have questions regarding our order fulfillment service.

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