Order Fulfillment Service Europe: A European presence without a European entity

Foreign suppliers understand why order fulfillment is still considered a core competency of supply chain success. We are in the age of the internet, when suppliers can talk directly with customers via email, Skype and online conferences. Order fulfillment is often the missing link in being able to serve customers globally from anywhere.

How to deliver orders to Europe?

There are textbook definitions for order fulfillment that refer to meeting delivery performance. What most people mean and need, however, is a more basic definition.

How do I get my orders from my factory to my customers in Europe? CAPLINQ is specialized in specialty chemicals and plastics, so I will use this for an example. You may have some surface treatment spray, perchloric acid, or any other specialty chemical to your customer in Germany. Great, right? Yeah, but….

“Yeah, but…” comes when you realize that you can’t fill your customer’s order, or at least not as simply as you had originally imagined. To physically get your product from the USA, Japan, Korea or India to Europe means you’ll have to physically arrange to ship it. You need to arrange the paperwork for the commercial invoices. You need to deal with the taxes and duty of the import into Europe. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the dangerous goods or other legal and environmental considerations just to be able to fill your order into Europe.

Textbook definitions for order fulfillment refer to meeting delivery performance. Most people mean and need is a more basic definition. How can I get my orders from my factory to my customers in Europe?

CAPLINQ Order Fulfillment takes the pain out European orders

Many small companies just throw up their hands, tell their customers to pick up their goods using their own carrier and essentially say, “Good luck!” This may work most of the time, but it is neither customer friendly, nor an efficient means of order fulfillment.

Alternatively, other customers turn over their entire order fulfillment service to a freight forwarder company such as DHL, UPS or FedEx. Don’t do this. Customers who do so lose the customer contact and money is wasted on logistics. Furthermore, customers pay too much money in duties and unnecessary charges. Foreign suppliers should focus on their customers.

CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment service for Europe gives your company a distinctly European presence and puts you on a level playing field with European suppliers without the hassle and expense of setting up a European company. It allows you to deliver orders to customers in Europe without having to have an office in Europe.

There is a lot more to CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment service than simply a logistics supply chain into Europe. Logistics and supply chain services are important elements. CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment service is more about making your company look, act and feel like a European company.

CAPLINQ’S Order Fulfillment offers Just-in-Time Delivery

CAPLINQ has cutting edge logistics and distribution systems. These systems allow us to ship, custom-clear and deliver products to your customers cheaper and faster than either you or your customer could do.

Finally, beyond simply supply chain monitoring software, CAPLINQ employs state-of-the-art technology to monitor and track stock levels and sales activity. Monthly reports let you know exactly how much of each product is sold, what the monthly usage of each product type is and how long each product has been on stock.

Your inventory is considered a local safety stock

Suppliers that use our order fulfillment service enjoy offering their customers a local stock. With 75% of customers within a 24 hour drive and 99% of customers within a 3 day drive, customers consider this a local safety stock. European customers like local stock.

On a level playing field with European suppliers

A warehouse outside of Europe makes European customers nervous. Stocks held locally in Europe puts foreign suppliers on a level playing fields with European suppliers. Foreign suppliers with local stocks are local suppliers.


CAPLINQ is a specialty chemicals, plastics and products company that specializes in making foreign companies compete on a level playing field with European suppliers. With more than 300MT yearly of chemicals and plastics coming through Rotterdam in the Netherlands and a staff of engineers and technical representatives, CAPLINQ is a modern-day market partner. Using digital-age tools and the same legal techniques multinationals use, we create a European presence for foreign companies without them requiring to set up a European entity through our order fulfillment Europe service. For more information visit us or contact us so we can explain the order fulfillment service in more detail..

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