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Cut Tape vs. Tape and Reel: What’s best for Packaging Solder Spheres

Today, the electronics industry has made tremendous advancements in every aspect. It’s easy to spot new and innovative technology enhancing the cost effectiveness and reducing the production time at every stage. One such example is today’s placement machines that are capable of picking and placing thousands of components per hour with extreme accuracy.

But in order to leverage this incredible performance one needs an equally competent component delivery system. Cut Tape and Tape and Reel are the two major component distributors when it comes to packaging solder products. In this post, we will discuss which one of the two is better suited for solder packing.

Cut Tape vs. Tape and Reel: What’s best for Packaging Solder Spheres?

“Cut tape” and “Reel” are both great packaging solutions. But, when it comes to packaging solder products, tape and reel packing is only preferred. The reason for this is cut tapes delivers components in small cuts of tape, whereas “reel” is long and continuous.

The difference in both the solutions is basically their length. But, that alone affects the efficiency and time consumed in the process. While cut tape will deliver 20 individual strips that will require an operator to load a feeder again and again, reel and tape packing only requires being loaded once and enables continuous feed. However, cut tape can be helpful when only a small number of solder spheres is required for the board.

In addition,  tape and reel system also offers very high degree of protection against electrostatic discharge and helps prevent jamming. It allows manufacturers to easily achieve high volume. And, automate processes by enabling pick and place machines to easily access preforms in a similar manner as the components. Also, the applications that require a precise amount of solder are best accomplished with tape and reel.

Packaging solder spheres on tape and reel

At CAPLINQ, we offer high quality packaging solder spheres on tape and reel as well as in jar with inert gas. You can choose from a wide range of solder ball diameters starting from 60 micron to 890 micron. In addition to that, our tape and reel are compatible with almost all the existing pick and place feeders and are also suitable for BGA, plus flip and chip packaging techniques.

To learn more about all our solder products including our solder spheres you can visit or contact us directly for assistance regarding packaging solder spheres on tape and reel.

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  1. Hi, I want to ask which of cut tape or reel tape produce less burr/no burr at all when it is tapping to make thread? And do you know what kind method to lessen the burr other than tumbling process? Tumbling process seems to destruct the thread so is there any method to avoid it?

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