Scope and Exemptions of REACH Regulations

Scope and Exemptions of REACH Regulations in Italy

The Italian central administration has been working to enforce regulations on the trade and activities concerning chemical substances and mixtures since the late 1970’s.

However, with the introduction of REACH by the European Chemical Agency in 2007, a more complex approach to the enforcement and management was put in place. In order to coordinate and ensure the fulfillment of REACH regulations in Italy, a new governing body was formed headed by the Ministry of Health: the REACH technical committee.

Presently, the Italian importers are required to register for REACH in addition to fulfilling other import documentations. As such, the US chemical companies trading in Italy are expected to appoint a REACH Only Representative.

To release importers of the registration obligation and conduct business smoothly. In this post, we will discuss the scope and exemptions of REACH regulations in Italy which substances, mixtures or products come under the REACH regulations to ensure complete compliance.

Scope of REACH Regulations

Most of the chemicals substances that are manufactured, placed on the market or simply used within the EU fall into the scope of REACH. These may be ‘substances on their own’, used in mixtures or as part of other articles. The lower threshold for registration requirement is 1 ton per year per registrant.

However, there are other obligations under REACH that apply to certain substance manufactured in the EU or imported even if the volume is less than 1 ton per year.

These obligations are concerned with the use of the substance, restrictions, and authorization, and hence regulation is applicable irrespective of their volume.

REACH regulations also applies to several substances occurring in nature. However, if those substances are not chemically modified, they might be eligible for exemption under REACH.

Exemptions from REACH Regulations

The rules and regulations of REACH apply to all the chemical substances with the few exemptions- substances under the customized supervision, non-isolated intermediates, and the various radioactive substances.

Waste is also an exempted product as it is not a preparation or an article within the meaning of REACH.

Substances such as carbon dioxide, water, and other organic substances like vegetable oils, cellulose pulp, and fatty acids etc, need not be registered under REACH.

Also, the substances used for R&D, biocides and plant protection products, food and food additives and the substances recovered in the EU do not to be registered again.

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