TempMate S1 v2: Single-Use USB Temperature Logger for Easy Monitoring of Logistics Cold Chain

CAPLINQ introduces the Single-Use USB Temperature Logger TempMate® v2, the new and improved version of the TempMate® S1 v1.

In comparison to TempMate® v1, especially relevant, the new version has double time of shelf life (from 12 monthsto 24 months). Therefore, better memory capacity and run time of 110 days instead of 90 days maximum of the first version.

Also, the package was designed to be simple and easy, the disposable USB stick is packaged in a moisture-resistant plastic packaging, keeping the electronics safe from humidity until it has safely arrived at its destination.

Furthermore, the TempMate® v2 is very simple to use.

First of all, once arrived, your customer simply presses and holds the device for 5 more seconds to stop the logger. Then, your customer opens the plastic packaging and plugs the USB drive into any computer. The entire temperature history is provided in a PDF Report and a CSV Report located on the USB drive.

Applications for Single-use USB Temperature Data Loggers

Single-use data loggers make sense whenever it is too complicated or too expensive to get the devices back and to reuse them. TempMate® disposable loggers are the perfect solution for export shipments of any temperature-sensitive product. So, the Applications of USB temperature data loggers usually are:

  • Pharmaceuticals;
  • Blood Transportation;
  • Vaccines;
  • Epoxies and Adhesives;
  • Flowers, Plants & Trees;
  • And varnishes.

What are the benefits of the Tempmate Temperature Logger?

Besides being simple and easy to use, you still have the great benefits below:

  • Cost-effective and reliable temperature logging;
  • Smart design and intuitive Operation;
  • Waterproof and suitable for food grade packing;
  • No Additional Hardware or Software Required;
  • Detailed PDF and CSV Report Including Graph and Table;
  • Intelligent LEDs for Status Monitoring;
  • Extended Shelf-Life of 2 Years;
  • Validation Certificate valid for 2 Years;
  • Finally, is reprogrammable.

If you are looking for a low budget alternative, CAPLINQ also offers Smartlinq Single-Use 90 Day USB Temperature Data Loggers.

Please click for more details on TempMate S1 V2 Single-Use USB Temperature Data Loggers or visit our website to learn more about data loggers, indicators & packaging. Should you have questions, or require more information, please feel free to contact us.

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