Temperature tracking device

Low cost and easy to use temperature tracking device

A temperature tracking device, also known as Temperature Data Loggers, is a device used to measure the temperature of products during the manufacturing process, along the shipping and distribution or in warehouses, fridges & freezers.

From storage to shipping, it’s important to monitor the temperature of goods to ensure that the cold supply chain remain unbroken. Also, to make sure the goods have been stored in optimal conditions. For this reason, temperature data loggers can ensure the freshness and quality of the goods.

Cost-Effective and Reliable temperature tracking device

Therefore, for cold supply chain monitoring, CAPLINQ offers the perfect low cost and reliable solution: Smartlinq Single-Use 90 Day USB Temperature Data Loggers.

Temperature tracking device
Smartlinq Single-Use 90 Day USB Temperature Data Loggers

CAPLINQ Smartlinq data loggers is a temperature tracking device for shipments of any temperature-sensitive product. Applications of USB temperature tracking device include:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Blood Transportation
  • Vaccines
  • Epoxies and Adhesives
  • Flowers, Plants & Trees
  • Varnishes

CAPLINQ Smartlinq is very simple to use. First of all, once arrived, your customer simply presses and holds the device for 5 more seconds to stop the logger. Then, your customer opens the plastic packaging and plugs the USB drive into any computer. The entire temperature history is provided in a PDF Report.

Furthermore CAPLINQ Smartlinq is a low cost temperature logger when compared to similar products, but with the same high quality and reliable report.

Also, the package is a moisture-resistant plastic. Thus, keeping the electronics safe from humidity until it has safely arrived at its destination.

With locations on three continents, CAPLINQ can distribute the Smartlinq TDL90 temperature loggers to your location within just a few days.

If you need further information, please click for more details on Smartlinq Single-Use 90 Day USB Temperature Data Loggers. You can also visit our website to learn more about data loggers, indicators & packaging. Should you have questions, or require more information, please feel free to contact us.

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  1. Hello, We use Reefers for Storage, they are all in one place and we need to monitor their temperature remotely.

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