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Applications Of Temperature Data Logger For Transportation

A temperature data logger, also known as the temperature monitor is an instrument that autonomously records the temperature over a definite period of time. It automatically collects, monitors, and stores the information so that it can be reported on a later date.

CAPLINQ offers temperature data loggers that include Smartlinq v2.0 Single Use 90 Day USB and TempMate S1 v3 Single Use 200 Day USB. Smartlinq Single Use 90 Day is small and easy to use data logger that monitors and stores the information about the environment in which your goods can travel. While the TempMate S1 v3 Single Use 200 Day is a disposable USB stick that comes with the moisture resistant packaging and keeps your products safe from humidity.

They are directly attached to a product inside the refrigerated truck, and is used for observing the temperature of goods being shipped. The other applications of both the data loggers include:

1. Epoxy, Chemical, and Varnish Transportation: The chemicals, epoxy, and varnishes are the temperature sensitive products. If these products are kept outside the temperature range, they get degraded and sometimes reduce their shelf lives. Temperature data logger records and models the temperature that allows us to model the degradation.

2. Food, Flower, Meat, and Dairy Transportation: In order to ensure the safety and quality of the food products, it is essential to monitor the storage conditions. The data loggers monitor the storage of products so that the shipping is done effectively and the quality is not damaged. It updates you on regular periods of time so that you ensure the temperatures of the products for its optimum quality.

3. Pharmaceuticals and Vaccine Transportation: Vaccines and pharmaceuticals are the key components for the prevention of diseases. It is important that they are precisely handled and are kept at accurate temperatures. CAPLINQ’s temperature data loggers are configurable and allow you to take readings at particular intervals for a complete overview.

Please visit our website to view our entire range of Temperature Data Loggers and Data Aquisition Systems including our best-selling Smartlinq Single-Use 90 Day USB Temperature Data Loggers and the newest 200 day USB Temperature Data Logger from TempMate. You can also contact us for any questions about the right product to select as a Data Logger for Transportation of conditioned goods.

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  1. From my understanding, beacons are another term for sensors that can transmit their data – aka wireless temperature loggers – for those who don’t know.

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