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Things your TempMate recorders will tell you that your freight forwarder won’t

All transportation companies that ship air conditioned goods have a thermostat to be able to set the air conditioned temperature. But a thermostat cannot tell you if it has been turned off or not. A thermostat cannot tell you if someone adjusted the dial accidentally (or intentionally). There is only one wayt you can be sure that your goods were kept at the temperature reauired – and that is by measuring and recording it with a TempMate temperature data logger.

Many goods, such as food, pharmaceutical (raw) materials, blood, organs for medical treatment, chemicals such as epoxy resins, but for instance also flowers and fish, need to kept within a certain temperature range at all times. Some goods need to be kept below -40°C, others below -20°C and still others simply refrigerated between 5°C and 8°C.

Caplinq has for many years produced and distributed goods such as epoxies and specialty chemicals that required such specialized delivery conditions. Customers frequently asked about the transportation conditions, and as a result Caplinq implemented TempMate temperature data loggers to be able to explain to customers what happened at all stages during the cold supply chain.

TempMate is a reliable, low-cost, fully digital recording device that just is turned on with the press of a button by the sender and taped with the shipping documents folder at the package and turned off by the receiver once he receives it, and plug it into his USB port. The TempMate temperature logger than produces a PDF with the temperature recordings every 3 minutes for up to 90 days of transportation. TempMate gives you the guarantee and evidence of what happened during transport.

Please click for more details on TempMate 90-Day Single-Use USB Temperature Data Loggers or visit our website to learn more about data loggers, indicators & packaging. Should you have questions, or require more information, please feel free to contact us.

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