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All About Appointing a REACH Only Representative in Germany

Germany supports liberalization of international trade and open market for promoting global economic growth and improved standard of living. As such, only a few goods imported in Germany are subject to direct market regulations. But since, Germany is a member of European Union other market regulations are applied to all imports within EU.

The European Chemical Agency applies regulations to all chemicals imported or manufactured within EU, including Germany. Therefore, in order to advance trade in Germany, every US exporter needs to fulfill REACH registration.

It must be noted here that according to the ECHA guidelines, only an EU based natural or legal person is eligible to register under REACH. As such, US exporters are left with only two options- either ask importers to fulfill REACH obligations, or to appoint a REACH Only Representative to carry out the required registration of the substances being imported. This post will answer all your questions about how you can hire a REACH OR.

Who can be appointed as a REACH OR?

Any European Union based natural person or legal entity that has sufficient knowledge about various chemical substances and their practical handling can be appointed as a REACH OR. Appointing a REACH Only Representative makes the importers a downstream user and hence free from the obligation of registering under REACH.

CAPLINQ offers reliable REACH Only Representative Services to US-based chemical exporters and assumes the risk and responsibility of your German buyers importing chemicals into Europe. Appointing CAPLINQ as your REACH OR will free you and your German importers from the responsibility of fulfilling registration and other REACH obligations.

What’s the procedure of appointing a REACH OR?

Appointing a REACH Only Representative is a matter of mutual agreement between a non-European supplier and the European person or entity who is being appointed as a REACH OR. The US chemical companies are required to send a letter confirming the appointment to their REACH OR.

While filing the registration dossier, the Only Representative is required to attach this letter in the field of “Official Assignment from non EU manufacturer”. When the responsibility of REACH registration is delegated to a REACH Only Representative, all the European importers in the supply chain become downstream users and are released of any regulations. A REACH OR can represent more than one non-EEA suppliers.

What does a REACH Only Representative require for preparing the registration?

The appointed REACH OR is required to submit a registration dossier or a pre-registration to benefit from the extended deadlines for phase-in substances.

For the REACH Only Representative to successfully complete the registration, the US chemical company will be required to supply all the relevant information about their products, including the correct identification number, naming of every substance and other information regarding its composition.

Information regarding the intrinsic properties of the substances is also required to comply with the REACH regulations.

CAPLINQ is an experienced REACH Only Representative having proficiency in handling chemical substances. We can be an unfailing partner as a REACH ONLY Representative for your business, making sure that you can always take advantage of business opportunities in Europe and other countries.

Contact us now to learn more about REACH Services and understand how to appoint a REACH Only Representative Service to expand your services to Germany and other European countries. You can also visit for more information.

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