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Doing Business in France: REACH Regulations for USA Chemical Companies

France, being the world’s fifth largest economy boasts of a large, open and diversified market. As such, the French market offers a plethora of opportunities for USA companies across all sectors. Including chemicals that account for 8.5% of its total imports. Doing business in France can be incredibly profitable for all the USA chemical companies. But, for exporters to take advantage of its lucrative markets the exporters are required to fulfill certain trade regulations.

France is a part of EU and European Free Trade Association, meaning all the non-EU companies must follow the EU directives in addition to the national regulations of France. REACH or “Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals” control the import of chemicals in the EU. Read on to know more about REACH regulations that every USA chemical company must follow in order to conduct business smoothly in France.

REACH regulations overview

REACH is a system that monitors chemicals and their safe usage in the EU. The regulation is applied to all chemical substances whose use or import quantity exceeds one metric ton per year. Virtually every US company that manufactures or mixes chemical substances in Europe. Plus, those who export such chemical substances or products that might release chemical substances in the environment is affected by this legislation and is required to register under REACH. In addition to that, companies producing articles and goods using these chemicals ate also required to follow REACH regulations.

Regulatory Authority

ECHA or the European Chemicals Agency is responsible for effective implementation of the REACH regulations. The agency receives registrations and ensures the completeness of the information on a chemical’s properties, uses, and handling. It evaluates testing protocols and oversees the safe use of chemicals by providing hazard information on chemicals through a public database accessible for consumer and professional use. ECHA also publishes a list of chemicals that are approved or prohibited to ensure effective compliance with its regulations.

Registration Process

Only the EU based companies or organizations are allowed to register under REACH. As such, US chemical companies that do not have a presence in France have to get their chemicals registered through their importers. The registration cost and the process are likely to drive the importers to look for more economical and convenient alternatives in EU itself. USA companies have the option to appoint an EU-based REACH Only Representative to comply with REACH regulations on their behalf and conduct business smoothly.

CAPLINQ offers REACH Only Representative services to the USA chemical companies so that they can continue exporting their good to France and other EU countries without any inconvenience. Hiring CAPLINQ as your REACH Only Representatives will mean:

  • Firstly, stress-free compliance to REACH regulations and releasing your French importers of the regulatory duties at the same time.
  • Secondly, delegating hazard and risk communication responsibility to professionals with experience in the field.
  • Thirdly, enhanced business opportunities in France. As your importers can easily purchase goods from you without having to worry about the REACH regulations.

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