does my company needs to be reach compliant

Who does REACH regulation concern? Does your company need to be REACH compliant?

REACH, which stands for Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restrictions of Chemicals is a regulation imposed by the European Union. The regulation was imposed to streamline and improve the legislative framework of the EU dealing with chemicals.

REACH regulations aims at protecting human health and environment of countries in EU from the risks of chemicals. As such, all the products produced in or imported into the EU and member countries, falling under the scope of REACH must comply with the regulation.

If you are a non-EU business owner looking to expand your activities in the European Union, this post will help you understand the REACH regulations in a much better way.

Who does REACH regulation apply to?

REACH impacts a wide range of companies working across various sectors. This includes organizations that produce, use, import or simply place a substance, mixture or finished product in the markets of EU. The legislation concerns the following:

Any organization producing, importing, using or placing a substance, mixture or article on the EU market will be responsible for ensuring that it complies with REACH regulations. The legislation covers EU manufacturers, including chemical suppliers, distributors, and downstream users, as well as any EU companies importing products to the EU market.

Manufacturer: A company that produces chemicals for self-use or even to supply to others, including exports, comes under the scope of REACH and must comply with the regulations. Chemical suppliers are also responsible for complying with REACH legislation.

Importer: A company purchasing individual chemicals, mixtures for onward sales or finished products that use certain chemicals in the manufacturing also has REACH responsibilities.

Downstream users: Even if a company isn’t directly involved in dealing with chemicals and substances, might have some responsibilities under REACH. Downstream users also need to check their obligations towards REACH if they are handling chemicals or substances even in the form of finished products like plastic goods, clothes of furniture, etc.

Companies exporting to the EU: The REACH regulations don’t directly impact the non-EU companies that export chemical products into the customs territory of European Union. This is because the responsibility of fulfilling REACH obligations is with the importers based in the EU. However, the exporters who wish to conduct trade smoothly with their EU partners must help them comply with regulations by appointing a REACH ONLY representative.

SCOPE of REACH Regulations

REACH basically applies to chemicals in any kind of product, which is covered under REACH as “articles.” The only exemptions under the REACH are for the chemicals used in manufacturing food, defense, medical or veterinary products.

Therefore, if your organization is dealing with chemicals or substances, in any form that is covered under REACH as “articles” you will be required to comply with the regulations.
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