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Have you completed your REACH preregistration?

Have you completed your REACH preregistration of your chemical substances before the June 1st, 2017 deadline?

The main purpose of REACH registrations is to protect both human health and the environment against potential hazards. The legislation was first enacted in 2007. With the intention to assess and manage the risks associated with different types and quantities of imported chemicals.

All manufacturers, suppliers, and importers of phase-in chemicals in quantities exceeding 1 ton per year have the possibility to inform our consultants about which substances they intend to register.

REACH registrations require presenting all the available information about a chemical substance to a committee of experts to investigate its degree of risk. Companies must submit a technical dossier at the time of registration.

The dossier consists of chemical risk assessments, classification proposals, ecotoxicological and toxicological data, identified risks and recommendations. REACH Preregistration is only for companies planning to register existing non-carcinogen chemicals and benefit from the extended REACH deadlines.

There are two elements that determine whether a substance is eligible for preregistration or not: – Level of “risk” posed by a chemical substance – Quantity of chemical substances It is highly recommended to collaborate with a REACH OR (Only Representative) to obtain the best solutions for your registration.

Furthermore, for legal reasons, only EU-based companies can register chemical substances. Foreign suppliers have to get in touch with a European “Only Representative” to make their company REACH-compliant.

Therefore, REACH Preregistration involves verifying if a chemical substance is REACH exempt and classified. This guarantees your temporary access to the EU market.

CAPLINQ is a REACH Only Representative that can provide REACH registrations by listing chemicals on behalf of foreign chemicals suppliers.

You might be wondering what is the difference between REACH registration and REACH Preregistration. Pre-registered substances enter into a transitional period and demand further registration to get full access to the European market.

REACH Preregistration involves sending a straightforward notification of your intention to register a substance in compliance with REACH deadlines. So, you will get access to the EU market until 31st May 2018.

Our experts are constantly working towards a solution, making sure there won’t be any interruptions in your supply or import operations.

Please visit us at to learn more about our REACH services. If you have any other questions about REACH Only Representative and how CAPLINQ can help you with your preregistration of your chemicals, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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