CAPLINQ’S European Warehouse Service for Import to Italy

Typically, import procedures are subject to several regulations and taxes. Italian government levies import duty between 0% to 17% depending on the item. Plus, a standard Value Added Tax of 22% on the value of item, shipping cost and insurance.

If you are distributing the goods straight to the customer, you’ll have to pay taxes on them straightaway, while a European warehouse reduces the need of capital since you will be paying custom duties only when necessary.

Italian importers can benefit from CAPLINQ’s European warehouse service. Our authorized bonded warehouse and order fulfilment services can save you time, money and efforts. Read on to know how.

Eliminate transport breaks

Storing your goods with CAPLINQ – in our European warehouse – will mean that there will only be one single interlocutor, which will eliminate the requirements of several transport breaks.

We will be the only agent that will receive, handle and distribute your goods as and when required. Also, you can also ensure timely supply to your customers by enhancing coordination. Our European warehouse service ensures a much-organized flow of goods in Italy.

Financial advantages

Our European warehouse service can save you money up to and over 30% of the purchase value. Storing goods in a bonded warehouse will enable you to delay payments for customs. It will also reduce the transit declaration fee, which is paid when the goods are transported without being cleared. This will optimize your capital and improve your company’s cash flow as well.

Local Stock

Our Order Fulfilment and European warehouse service can help you keep a local stock of goods, which will be readily available as and when required. With a stock help in Europe, you can offer your European customers promt and hassle free delivery.

Having the flexibility to deliver goods to your customers immediately on request means local suppliers will no longer have a competetive edge over foreign suppliers when it comes to quick delivery.

With all the above mentioned-advantages growing your business in Italy as well as other European countries will be much easier and stress-free. CAPLINQ’s European warehouse service provides foreign suppliers in Italy a level playing field with their local competitors.

Still have queries? Visit us at and learn all about our Order Fulfilment and European Warehouse service. You can also contact us directly if you have any other questions about how CAPLINQ can help you to expand your business in the European Union.

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