Why USA Chemical companies need REACH only representative

The supply chain for chemical substances in the European Union is complex. As several organizations are procuring raw materials from EU and non-EU suppliers. And, similarly, numerous non-EU suppliers are selling their products in the European market. Consequently, any foundry that puts a chemical substance into circulation within the EU is required to register under REACH.

Hiring CAPLINQ as your REACH only representative simplifies the registration process as the subsequent responsibility to comply with the REACH obligations. Also, hazard and risk communication is delegated to us. We offer several advantages for your business, read on these benefits to understand why you need our Only Representative services.

Simplifies REACH only representative registration process

If you are a USA chemical company supplying products in EU, all your EU customers will be considered an importer. It must be noted that each and every single user of the substance whether used in the preparation or otherwise will be considered an importer. Subsequently, every single customer will need to submit a registration to the European chemical agency to ensure legal access to the European market.

Complications in the process of procuring materials can drive away your customers. On the other hand, appointing CAPLINQ as your Only Representative to carry out the legalities relieves your customers from the obligation of registration. They are no longer regarded as importers and are considered downstream users.

Easier to Maintain the Market

Non-EU suppliers that do not hire a REACH Only Representative are at a disadvantage when it comes to maintaining and growing their market. Without an only representative, if you wish to find new importers, all those additional importers will be required to register with REACH. At the same time, if your importers themselves register with REACH, they will have the option to import substances from multiple sources, which will result in loss of business for you.

Delegates Hazard and Risk Communication Responsibility

For your importers to comply with REACH obligations, you will need to supply each importer the confidential information about the properties and composition of the substance. In case you have multiple importers, rendering the required information and communication with each one of them regarding all matters in accordance to REACH can enhance your workload and will be time-consuming as well. Appointing CAPLINQ as your REACH Only Representative allows you to delegate the hazard risk and communication responsibility. Which offers you more time to concentrate on core business activities. Furthermore, our ONLY Representative services are neutral, and we also offer high protection know-how as well.

Releases your European Customers from regulatory duties

Hiring us as your REACH Only Representative releases your European Union customers from regulatory duties, which makes the purchase process smooth and convenient. This also helps prevents your importers meeting each other or your competitors in SIEFs and discussing prices and quantities etc., with each other.

Decreased Cost

The costs of registering with REACH for every single substance imported might discourage your customers to procure substances from you. They might consider an intra-EU alternative or a company already using the services of REACH OR a more economical option. Which will mean a loss of business for you. Appointing CAPLINQ as your REACH Only Representative will reduce the total cost of the supply chain as only a single registration per substance will be required. Plus, it will encourage your customers since they will no longer be necessary to comply with REACH obligations.

CAPLINQ is a trusted member of ORO, and our core competency is chemicals and plastics, which means our REACH Only Representative services can easily deliver all the benefits above-mentioned for your business.

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