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European REACH Regulation and how we can help as a REACH Only Representative

REACH is the abbreviation of Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of chemical. It entered into the force in European Union on 1st June, 2007.

It is the regulation of the European Parliament which applies to substances imported or manufactured in the European Union quantities of one ton or more per year.

REACH protects human health and environment from risks that can be impersonated by chemicals. It covers substances of its own, imported or manufactured in the market. Therefore, the responsibility of public authorities to the industry is always shifted by REACH. With regards to managing and accessing chemical risks.

The primary reason for the development of REACH Regulation is that a huge number of substances have been manufactured and placed in European market for several years. From time to time, in high amounts, and yet there is inadequate information on the hazards they pose to the environment and human health.

These information gaps are needed to be filled to guarantee that industry is able to evaluate risks of the substances. So, REACH regulation provides suitable and precise safety information for the users. It has a wide impact on companies from various sectors beyond the chemical industry.

Requirements of REACH Regulation

  • Cooperation among organization
  • Communication
  • Emerging tools to monitor and support organizations and public authorities in its implementation.

Aims and Objectives of REACH Regulation

  • To guarantee a high level of human health and healthy environment. Including the promotion of alternative test procedures and also the free flow of substances through the internal market.
  • Highly protect the environment and human health from the use of chemicals.
  • Permit free movement of substances on the European Union (EU) market.
  • Make importers and manufacturers in accountable for understanding and handling risks associated with their use.
  • To increase effectiveness, competitiveness, and innovation of the EU chemical industry. 

How can we help as a European REACH Only Representative?

Apart from the chemical industries, REACH has an impact on other industries such as textile, electronics, toys manufacturing industries etc. Only the organizations having a legal presence within the EU are permitted to be REACH only Representatives, and are allowed to submit REACH registrations dossiers to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). However, REACH’s article 8 allows a non-European Union to assign an only representative in order to fulfill the obligations of registration on their behalf.

REACH only representation is a legal entity or natural entity, which is established physically in the EEA. It is similar to Fiscal Representation but for chemical substances only. The responsibility of REACH representatives is to release foreign entity of the accountability of chemical reporting to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). REACH

Furthermore, REACH only Representative can provide help by complying with authorized requirements for importer under REACH. REACH only Representative can play a vital role in simplifying the accessing of EEA market, securing the supply and reducing the responsibilities for importers.  It can be really helpful if it has sufficient knowledge for handling the substances practically.

As a REACH only Representative the primary purpose is to provide a legal entity in the EU for suppliers to have their chemical substances subjected to a REACH pre-registration or REACH registration process.

Role of Only Representative in REACH Pre-Registration

An Only Representative of REACH needs to have a legal presence in Europe. The roles of REACH only representative is to collect and submit pre-registration data for each substance. Also, support complicated elements regarding pre-registration, authorize and submit pre-registration chemicals for REACH. And finally, provide consulting support for queries related to REACH during pre-registration.

Role of Only Representative in REACH Registration Process

It can be of great help if REACH only representative provides consulting support for queries related to REACH registration process, be responsible for data exchange and valuation, submits registered applications, forms and submits CSR (chemical safety report), discusses risk assessments, and notifies to ECHA about the quantity of goods manufactured and imported.

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