Balancing Weight adhesion Alcoa Dura-Bright

Increase adhesion of wheel balancing lead to Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheels

Tire and aluminum wheel combinations can feature two types of imbalances: static imbalance and dynamic imbalance. The first one is caused by a difference of weight over the whole plane of the wheel, the second means a difference of weight outside the plane of the wheel. And, in order to reach a perfect balance,consequently, both problems must be corrected with wheel balancing.


Wheel balancing is the method used to ensure that the wheels of the car receive equally distributed weights.

The main benefits of balanced wheels are:

  • Lower cost per km;
  • Saves money by prolonging tire life;
  • Saves fuel;
  • Improves a vehicle’s ride quality;
  • Improves handling and braking;
  • reduced corrosion and damage to wheels.

The process of wheel balancing is traditionally made with lead tape. The goal is to make sure the weight is evenly distributed. To do so, this process requires putting wheel and tire on a balancer. This balancer centers the wheel and spins it to check where the lead tape should go. As a result, the lead tape evens out heavy and light spots in a wheel

Usually, wheels with shiny aluminum coating such as Alcoa Dura-Bright®, don’t have the desirable adhesion to lead.

CAPLINQ presents the solution for lead adhesion

Therefore, CAPLINQ presents the perfect solution for optimizing the wheel balance process and to ensure increased adhesion of lead to Alcoa Dura-Bright® wheels.

Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes are the only solution for surface treatment available. Designed to increase the adhesion of lead, thus improve the wheel balancing process.

This product can change the aluminum surface, without any visual notice, and increase adhesion to the wheel surface with 50%, to obtain a better bond between the wheel and the lead tape.

In all the shear adhesion tests, Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes showed positive results. Because the lead tape remained fixed to the wheel surface, the wipes can provide increased safety and reliability on the road.

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If you have further questions about how Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes can improve lead adhesion,  please feel free to contact us.


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