Linqtape™ CFT1CA-Series: Copper Foil Tape with Conductive Acrylic Adhesive for EMI Shielding

Electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI shielding) is the method used to reduce the electromagnetic field in a space. Made by blocking the field with barriers of conductive or magnetic materials, such as copper foil.

So, to isolate electrical devices, frequently, shielding is applied to enclosures. Also, to cables to isolate wires from the environment through which the cable runs.

Also to contain signals emitted by its components, EMI shielding copper foil tapes are designed in such a way to avoid interference with other circuits.

Common applications include EMI shielding around electronic cabinet doors and panels, individual electronic components and cables. The ease of installation offered by the pressure-sensitive adhesive saves effort and provides cost-effective, long-term shielding.

Eletronic cables and connectors also use EMI shielding copper foil tapes as ground planes or shields. The shield from end to end is provided by the tape,  bounded to the cable’s conductive sheath and to the metallic lip of the connector.

copper-foil-tape-for-emi-shieldingCAPLINQ presents the new technology on Copper Foil Tape for EMI Shielding applications.

 Linqtape™ CFT1CA-Series is a copper foil tape with a conductive acrylic adhesive layer. Designed for EMI shielding and grounding in electrical designs.

Linqtape copper foil tapes contain signals emitted from your electronic components. Used for EMI shielding, electronic design prototyping and troubleshooting and reducing electrostatic charge.

This innovative product can provide: EMI/RFI shielding and absorbing, static charge grounding, anti-static masking, cushioning, mechanical protection, and conductive properties for a wide variety of applications.

Linqtape™ CFT1CA-Series provides excellent Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding with a shielding effectiveness of up to 80dB (30MHz – 1GHz).

Visit to learn more about the Linqtape™ CFT1CA-Series copper foil tape with conductive acrylic adhesive or about all CAPLINQ copper tape and film products. You can also contact us if you have further questions on how you can use Linqtape™ CFT1CA-Series copper foil tape for EMI Shielding applications.

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