Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI) using Polyimide Film with Sputtered Aluminized Coating

Multi-Layer Insulation (MLI blankets) are usually used in devices that are exposed to both extremes heat and cold. Aiming to protect internal and external applications from UV radiation, atomic oxygen, and mechanical stresses.

The layers of the MLI blankets are normally compose of polyimide film. With layers of aluminum on one or both sides of the film to build reflector layers. Materials with low conductivity separate the aluminum layers.

All the layers forming the MLI blankets aims to protect the system. By avoiding excessive heat loss from inner components or excessive heating from outside sources.

Multi-layer insulation for spacecraft application

One common application of Multi-layer insulation is on thermal-control elements on spacecraft. Also, typically used to protect internal propellant tanks, propellant lines, solid rocket motors, and cryogenic dewars.

On spacecraft, MLI blankets can prevent both excessive heat loss from a component and excessive heating from other sources.

Multi-layer insulation protects also satellites. The MLI blankets has conductive layers that can charge up in the space environment and consequently cause electrostatic discharges.

Besides being used for limiting the heat flow to and from a spacecraft, polyimide film with aluminum coating may also protect against micrometeoroids, atomic oxygen (AO), electron charge accumulation, and rocket-engine plume impingement.

CAPLINQ presents the new Polyimide Film: Linqstat™ PIT1N-Alum Series

For Multi-Layer Insulation, CAPLINQ presents the new Polyimide Film with Sputtered Aluminized Coating: Linqstat™ PIT1N-Alum Series.

This aluminized polyimide film is a high performance, high-temperature resistant aluminized polyimide film, formed by sputtering aluminum onto polyimide using an aluminum vacuum deposition method.

Polyimide film for mli Multi-Layer Insulation blanketsThis combination of materials provides a very heat resistant, mechanically and chemically stable, radiation-resistant, and self-extinguishing product that has very high thermal conductivity and EMI shielding.

Also known as vacuum deposited aluminum or VDA polyimide film, CAPLINQ Linqstat™ PIT1N-Alum Series has great features like excellent electrical, thermal, physical and chemical properties over a wide temperature range, making them superior for electrical insulation applications.

Visit to learn more about the Polyimide Film with Sputtered Aluminized Coating: Linqstat™ PIT1N-Alum Series or about all CAPLINQ Polyimide tapes and films products. You can alsocontact us if you have further questions on how you can use Linqstat™  for MLI blankets applications.

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