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Wegmann automotive tests Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes on Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheel balancing

Usually, wheels with shiny aluminum coating such as Alcoa Dura-Bright™, don’t have the desirable adhesion to lead on the wheel balancing process.

Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes can improve this shear Adhesion between Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheels and lead weights. (You can learn more about how Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes can increase adhesion to surface in this article: Increase adhesion of wheel balancing lead to Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheels)

Therefore, Wegmann automotive, company leader on wheel balance weights, submitted Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes to tests, and the results were very positive.


Wegmann automotive tests Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes on Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheel balancing

The test followed specific conditions in sample preparation:

  • Condition the tape for a minimum of 24 hours to controlled room temperature condition (23°C) before assembling samples.
  • Clean Alcoa Dura-Bright™ wheel surface using 100% Isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel. Allow wheel surface to dry (2-3 minutes).
  • Remove Aculon wipe from packaging and rub back and forth over the wheel surface. Allow the surface to dry for 3 minutes and then remove any remaining debris with a paper towel.

Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes increased shear adhesion compared to using no primer

Samples were conditioned with thermal shock, room temperature, and humidity. This thermal shock was performed manually by transferring samples from a freezer set at -30°C to an oven set at 80°C repeatedly over 7 days.

In every sample set tested, Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes increased shear adhesion compared to using no primer.

When Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes was used, the wheel surface present better bond with the weight and the tape. Also, temperature fluctuations and humidity did not cause any negative reaction between the surface.

Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes are the only solution for surface treatment available. Designed to increase the adhesion of lead, thus improve the wheel balancing process.

Visit CAPLINQ.COM to learn more about Aculon’s Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes. You can also contact us if you have any further questions.

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