Energy enhacer wipes for wheel balancing CAPLINQ

Surface Energy Enhancer Wipes for Wheel Balancing

Wheels that come with the lustrous aluminum coating usually do not have the required adhesion to lead on the wheel balancing process.

For this matter, CAPLINQ offers a revolutionary product that can modify the wheel surface with a durable coating for wheel balancing.

Aculon presents its new solution: surface energy enhancer wipes that lead to the proper balancing of wheels like Alcoa DuraBright. These wipes are the only solution available in the market that can transform the aluminum surface and obtain a better balance between the lead and the wheel.

This primer has been approved as an adhesion promoter that can be used for aluminum wheels. There are a number of tests that have been executed. Therefore showing that Aculon’s surface energy enhancer wipes increase safety and reliability for wheel balancing

In all the adhesion experiments, the taped leads remained fixed to the wheels, this proves that Aculon’s energy enhancer wipes are the best option to increase adhesion.

Other Benefits of Aculon’s energy enhancer wipes for wheel balancing

  • It reduces wear and tears on axel spindle including brake, hub, and wheel.
  • It reduces vibrations and promotes a longer wear life.
  • Why use energy enhancer wipes for wheel weight adhesion?
  • It is easy to apply and uses the right amount of material per wheel.
  • They make the treatment bond quicker.
  • The total cost per wheel and kilometer is less than 0.5% of the complete tire wheel combination.

What are the advantages of using surface energy enhancer wipes over cleaners?

  • Cleaners only remove contamination from the wheels.
  • They leave an oily layer on the wheels that make it tough to balance the weights.

To learn more regarding the Aculon’s energy enhancer wipes for optimizing the wheel balance progress, visit You can also contact us if you have questions regarding the surface treatments.

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