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Toray falsifies data but CAPLINQ still offers quality graphitized carbon paper products

The increasing demand for carbon-based composites for cells, batteries, blades, electrolyzers, and more is driving the usage of carbon fiber in many high-end industries.

Carbon fiber is known to offer high strength, rigidity, and tensile strength and is gaining the popularity with every passing day.

The current demand for carbon fiber grows by an estimate of 13% per year. But, is expected to top by 100,000 tons in 2018.

But, with another pillar of Japanese industry- Toray industries admitting providing the clients with the false test reports, how is the carbon fiber market actually affected.

In the article published today in the New York Times (Nov, 28) Toray said that it had identified 149 cases in which Toray Hybrid Cord altered the data to meet the manufacturing standards demanded by the customers. They also said that it had sold products with falsified test data to 13 customers (You can read the full article at this link: NY Times).

While Toray is not a renowned name outside of Japan, the influence in Japan and global supply chain were quite considerable. But now, the question we are left with is- Where should the clients head to for high quality manufactured fiber?

CAPLINQ’s Engineered Fibers Technology

Established in 1998, EFT was started by a small group of engineers who offers you a broad range of high technology and high-performance materials. EFT is known to manufacturer the widest range of GDL products available in the industry.

From a wide range of fiber types to Engineered Fiber Technology nano- fibrillated fibers, and others. The products include precise shortcut fibers and GDL graphite conductive papers and panels for a fuel cell, electrolyzers, and other electrochemical devices.

With the various manufacturing efforts and comprehensive research, EFT’s production focuses mainly on thin papers and laminated panels with the wide range of thickness and densities. EFT also combines various fiber cutting capabilities that uniquely formulates with other components and sheets at optimum temperatures for fuel cell evaluation and material characterization.

In addition to this, it seeks to join development researchers and programs that are related to the customer specific GDL. Also, their laboratory facilitates the complete materials, designing, processing, and evaluation of the GDL sheets.

Please visit our website for more information on our conductive products and plastics.  You can also contact us if you have any query regarding the graphitized carbon papers.

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