insulating tape and film

High-quality, flexible, and temperature resistant insulating tapes and films

Insulation tape is a pressure sensitive tape that is used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity. Made up of premium polyimide material, these tapes and films are stretchable and provide you with a long lasting insulation. CAPLINQ offers you its own brand of high-quality, flexible, and temperature resistant films and tapes that can be used various insulating applications.

High-Temperature Resistant Polyimide Insulating Tapes and Films

LINQTAPE PIT series polyimide tapes from CAPLINQ is a polyimide film base that comes along with an adhesive layer applied to it. The base material of the insulating tapes has high-dielectric properties along with the temperature resistance, and the adhesive layer plays an important role in the selection process.

The LINQTAPE PIT series polyimide films are known as the generic versions of DuPont’s Kapton film. They come with excellent dielectric insulation properties and are quite stable at high temperatures. Solid in the state, the insulating films can withstand a wide range of solvents and chemicals.

Applications of Insulating Tapes and Films

The insulating tapes typically come in 33 meters (36 yards) length rolls of varying widths. Tape provides an excellent balance of electrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties over a wide range of temperatures. So, it can be used in applications that need adhesion when exposed to the higher temperatures.

Therefore, in the application where silicon cannot be used, CAPLINQ also offers you an adhesive version of the polyimide tape.

While the polyimide films typically come in 33 meters (36 yards) length rolls of varying widths, the base polyimide film thickness range is between 1-mil (25µm) and 5-mil (125µm) thick. LINQTAPE polyimide films can be used in applications that may have temperatures from 260°C to 500°C. Other widths, lengths, and thicknesses are available only on request.

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