Temperature data loggers for medical and pharmaceutical applications

Temperature data loggers is a portable measurement device. This device is capable of record the temperature data, over a defined period of time. The data can easily be evaluated after recorded.

The data loggers are perfect for cold supply chain. For this reason, healthcare organizations usually use temperature data loggers to monitor shipments.

Medical and pharmaceutical companies use temperature data loggers to monitor the transport of medicines, blood, vaccines and any other product that must remain in cold temperature. Because it is vital that this goods are carefully handled and conserved in the correct conditions and at the right temperatures at all times.

Data loggers provide efficiency and reliability in the shipping of medical and pharmaceutical goods, specially for cold supply chain.

From storage to shipping, it’s important that the cold supply chain remain unbroken. For this reason, temperature data loggers can ensure the freshness and quality of the goods.

temperature data logger

CAPLINQ introduces Smartlinq®, a reliable and low-cost solution for your refrigerated or frozen supply chain.

This single-use, disposable USB stick is packaged in a moisture-resistant plastic packaging. Thus, keeping the electronics safe from humidity until it has safely arrived at its destination.

therefore, Smartlinq disposable loggers are the perfect solution for export shipments of any temperature-sensitive medical or pharmaceutical product.

Visit caplinq.com to learn more about the Smartlinq Single-Use 90 Day USB Temperature Data Logger or about all CAPLINQ data loggers.

You can also contact us if you have further questions on how you can Smartlinq USB Temperature Data Loggers.


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