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CAPLINQ Introduces CHEMLINQ Mold Cleaners and Conditioners

Did you know that some of the most common molding defects can be avoided by simply cleaning and conditioning your molds properly?

With high tooling costs and crazy lead times, investing in injection molds for thermosets or thermoplastics is a big commitment. So naturally you want your production to run smoothly, your molds to have as long a life-span as possible, and for your products to be free of defects.

CAPLINQ offers a diverse range of cleaners and conditioners for thermoplastic and thermoset molds that help you get the most out of your investment. Not to be mistaken with mold that causes weird smells and odors in your house, mold cleaners and conditioners are the chemicals used to prevent materials from bonding to the surfaces. These chemicals act as an obstruction between the surfaces and facilitate the seamless separation of a cured part from the mold.

Our range of CHEMLINQ products covers the complete cleaning and conditioning process for all kinds of molds, and are especially suited for the LED and semiconductor packaging industry. Using these in combination or on their own will help prevent mold and manufacturing defects.

Use Mold Cleaners to Prevent Short Shot and Surface Delamination

Short Shot AKA Incomplete-Fill: the incomplete filling of mold cavities, and Surface Delamination: where thin layers appear that can be peeled off, can both be caused by contamination. Contamination can affect the flowability of the material within the mold as well as the integrity of the plastic itself.

Our mold cleaner series clean the stains on the mold leftover from the transfer molding process and removes any potential contamination. Melamine cleans the mold down to bare metal ensuring nothing will affect the flowability or integrity of your material. For mold cleaning we recommend the following steps:

Before every production run, go through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Do 3 to 6 shots of melamine transfer cleaning with transfer cleaning pellets
  • Step 2:  Do 2 to 4 shots of compression cleaning with melamine cleaning compound or rubber cleaning sheets
  • Step 3:    Do 2 to 4 shots of wax conditioning sheets

CAPLINQ mold cleaners include Rubber cleaning sheets: RCS 100, RCS 200, Carcinogen-Free cleaning sheets: RCS400 CF, and Melamine transfer cleaner: MCL-2000T, Melamine cleaning compound: MCL-C10WT.

Use Mold Conditioners to Prevent Flash

Flash is a defect that happens when molten plastic escapes the mold cavity and then cools to remain attached to the product. This usually happens in poorly maintained molds or molds that have worn out their lifespan. If you have to wrestle your thermoset or thermoplastic to get it out of the mold each time, then that kind of wear and tear can contribute to flash occurring.

Our mold conditioners allow you to gently demold your product from your molds easily and efficiently which, in turn, increases the number of shots for which your mold can be used for: increasing the overall life-span of your mold, and so your overall return on investment. Being able to gently demold your products also decreases the risk of damaged and rejected parts and so maximizes the efficiency of production.

We recommend that in between runs you use a mold release spray to keep the mold in good condition until the next cleaning cycle.

CAPLINQ conditioning sheets include wax conditioning sheets: WS100, WS200, and Carcinogen-Free conditioning sheets: WS300CF. We also provide a range of Mold Release Sprays.

To learn more regarding epoxy mold cleaners and epoxy mold conditioners, visit us at You can also contact us if you have any queries regarding CAPLINQ’s Epoxy Mold Cleaners and Conditioners.

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