MRE-C909 replaces MJGordon Permasil #909C

Long considered an industry standard, MJ Gordon Permasil  #909C carnauba wax spray is no longer available and is now replaced by Chemlinq MRE-C909.

If any manufacturer of semiconductor devices were ever asked what they used to release epoxy mold compound from the mold, their answer was always the same: MJ Gordon Permasil #909C.  Long considered an industry standard,  M.J. Gordon’s Carnauba Wax Mold Release is dubbed as the “World’s Finest Carnauba Wax Mold Release”.   The reason for this prestigious honor was simply because it worked so well.

What is MJ Gordon #909C?

MJ Gordon Permasil #909C is a non-flammable, carnauba wax aerosol spray used as a mold release agent for epoxy molding compounds and other thermoset plastics. Not only did was the carnauba wax compatible with epoxy, in some cases, it actually enhances the final properties, including tensile strength and maximum displacement. 

What is so special about M.J Gordon’s Carnauba Wax Release is not necessarily the carnauba wax itself (though this is also an important consideration), but the patented process of making it available in aerosol spray form. Typically, carnauba wax is only available in flakes, powder or clumps. These clumps are the same ones typically used by semiconductor manufacturers to wax the mold plunger or break in new molds. What the carnauba wax aerosol spray version allows is uniformity, control, and the convenience of an aerosol spray.

MJ Gordon Permasil 909C uses non-REACH-registered ingredients

Troubles with Permasil #909C began back in June of 2007 when the European Union introduced REACH, essentially forcing manufacturers to comply with new disclosure and registration regulations.  As a long-time representative of MJ Gordon, CAPLINQ reached out to Allan B Gordon of MJ Gordon to discuss alternatives to the ingredients to be able to ensure continuous supply after REACH was fully introduced in 2018.

At the time, CAPLINQ was informed that there were no planned developments or replacements for the MJ Gordon Permasil #909C.

Sensing the danger this represented to CAPLINQ’s semiconductor customers, we set about to start to develop our own alternative to the Permasil 909C carnauba wax formulation.  After almost 10 years of development, this development resulted in our Chemlinq MRE-C909 carnauba wax aerosol epoxy mold release.

M.J. Gordon stop supplying Permasil 909C

In early 2019, CAPLINQ started getting many phone calls, emails and inquiries about our ability to supply the MJ Gordon #909C.  We tried reaching out to Allan Gordon and company but received no replies to any of the emails, or phone calls. 

Since CAPLINQ was just one of two distributors for MJ Gordon in Europe, the other being Kemtron in the UK, we reached out to Kemtron to see if they experienced the same thing.  They informed us that they also had the same experience, they had also tried telephoning, emailing etc but received no reply.  They even contacted the Pittsfield local Police and asked if they could check to see if there had been a family disaster but received no reply.

In July of 2019, Kemtron ran out of stock and have had to presume that the MJ Gordon Permasil 909C was no longer available. Kemtron then contacted all of their customers and advised them to contact CAPLINQ as we had successfully developed an alternative to 909C.

Below is the letter Kemtron had written to their customers:

I am writing to advise you that we have not been able to contact MJ Gordon Co for the last 6 weeks. This is very strange, and we can only presume that the company is no longer trading. We have spoken to their other distributors in the Netherlands (CAPLINQ) and Singapore and they report the same and have also had no communication from them. Internet searches and company reports have proved negative in finding information as to what could have happened. MJ Gordon was a very small company of just 2-3 people.

Our stocks of Permasil 909C are now down to 2 boxes (24 cans) and when these have gone we will not be in a position to supply this product anymore.

There is a product that may be able to replace the Gordons 909C which is available from CAPLINQ. Please see

I suggest you contact Caplinq directly, the customer service contact is Marjette Oosterveen and she can be reached by email at

MRE-C909 for many packages and many EMCs

As we convert customers from MJGordon to MRE-C909, we would like to document the packages and epoxy mold compounds they used.  This has proved useful for other customers evaluating MRE-C909.

Package Types

MRE-C909 has been tested successfully on the following packages:

  • TO220
  • TO220FP
  • TO247
  • TO247FP
  • TO263
  • TO264
  • TO92
  • SOT93
  • SOIC8
  • SOIC16
  • QFP 
  • QFN 5×5
  • BGA

Epoxy Mold Compounds

MRE-C909 has been tested successfully with the following epoxy molding compounds:

  • SolEpoxy: MG18, MG97, OP1000, OP7000
  • Hysol: MG15F-36A, MG36F-25A, MG33F-0520, MG33F-0620, GR300, GR30, GR360
  • Kyocera: KE-300BH
  • Sumitomo: EME-G770HCD, EME-G660, EME-G720C
  • Hitachi: CEL-9220, CEL8240

CAPLINQ MRE-C909 is a proven alternative to MJ Gordon 909C

Fortunately for CAPLINQ and our customers, we had been preparing for such a terrible turn of events.  Since the development of the MRE-C909, we had successfully converted more than 20 customers from Permasil 909C to our Chemlinq MRE-C909.  Each customer spent 2-3 month validating the product and each one then confirmed back to CAPLINQ that this MRE-C909 carnauba wax aerosol spray for epoxy molding compound behaved the same as its predecessor. 

Please visit our website to view our entire range of semiconductor mold maintenance products including our semiconductor epoxy mold release agents and specifically our Chemlinq MRE-C909. You can also contact us about if you have any questions about the MJ Gordon 909C product.

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