Carnauba Wax: Creating a sprayable epoxy mold release agent

Epoxy mold compound users know that carnauba wax is an excellent mold release product as well as useful from many other applications. Historically, manufacturers have used carnauba wax extensively in semiconductor applications in solid form to get molding equipment back into service after it has been taken out, or rub along the plunger when epoxy mold compound (EMC) sticks and causes it to seize.

Carnauba wax as an epoxy mold release agent

There is no wonder why carnauba wax works so well as an epoxy mold release or thermoset plastic mold release agent.  It is because the carnauba wax itself is most often the ingredient itself used in the manufacture of these products.

Of course, in the manufacture of epoxies or other thermoset plastics, formulators use a solid version of the carnauba wax.  In solid form, carnauba wax begins as a large solid mass that needs to be further processed in order to be used in an epoxy formulation.

Large, solid pieces are processed into chips or flakes or even into ground powder.  This is the form that is useful to introduce a certain percentage of carnauba wax into epoxy mold compounds.

How to turn solid carnauba wax into a sprayable liquid

Even in flake form, however, this is not useful for mold release spray manufacturers.  In order to spray what would otherwise be a solid, mold release spray manufacturers need to turn a solid carnauba wax into a liquid.

This is done by using two specific ingredients: a solvent and a propellant.  The solvent is the material that dissolves the solid into a liquid.  Much the same as water is a solvent that can dissolve a solid such as salt, the carnauba wax solvent turns this solid into a liquid.  The propellant is the material that then forces the liquid out of the can once pressure is applied.

CAPLINQ supplies a number of epoxy mold release sprays that puts the wonders of carnauba wax into the simplicity of a spray.

For some reason though, not everyone knows that carnauba wax is also available in a spray version. This product does what every manufacturer was asking for, to put the wonders of carnauba wax into a can so it could be sprayed.  Chemlinq MRE-C909 a REACH and RoHS-compliant, solvent-based aerosol spray that puts the wonders of carnauba wax into the simplicity of a spray.

CAPLINQ is a specialty chemicals, plastics, and products company that offers a variety of carnauba wax, silicone, non-silicone, and PTFE-based epoxy mold release agents including Chemlinq MRE-C909, MJ Gordon Permasil #909C, and LinqSil S-100 mold release spray. Please contact us if you have any other questions about carnauba wax or other sprayable epoxy mold release agents.

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