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Introducing Joshua Bullago: Global Regulatory Compliance specialist

We are happy to introduce Joshua Bullago. one of our newest team members. As a Global Regulatory Compliance Specialist at CAPLINQ, he plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with regulations related to CAPLINQ’s business, products, and services across all entities worldwide. Born and raised in Baguio City, known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Joshua has always been captivated by science and its impact on people, ecology, and the environment.

From a young age, Joshua developed a keen interest in discovery and invention, inspired by National Geographic documentaries and scientific breakthroughs. Recognizing his passion for chemistry, he pursued a degree in Chemical Engineering at Saint Louis University in his hometown. During his undergraduate studies, Joshua conducted groundbreaking research on water disinfection using semiconductors and sunlight, which received numerous awards and international publications. He also had the opportunity to expand his knowledge as an exchange student at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

After successfully passing the 2018 licensure board examination for Chemical Engineers in the Philippines, Joshua embarked on a professional journey as a Process Engineer at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. His work took him to Yokohama, Japan, where he gained valuable experience in chemical manufacturing industries, specializing in oil and gas, fertilizer, and methanol. He meticulously optimized process systems to ensure compliance with industry standards and client regulations. During his time in Japan, Joshua also achieved a significant milestone by passing the NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam for Chemical Engineers, demonstrating his commitment to professional growth.

Despite having limited experience in Regulations and Compliance, Joshua eagerly embraced the opportunity to delve into the field of Chemical Regulations. He recognized the immense value of staying updated on evolving chemical, health, safety, and environmental information, and the chance to engage directly with stakeholders. Joshua’s insatiable thirst for knowledge finds fulfillment in his work, particularly in navigating the complexities of EU REACH regulations, where he can contribute to the safety and compliance of products, benefiting both people and the environment.

Outside of the office, Joshua maintains an active lifestyle. He regularly works out at the gym, enjoys traveling to serene natural destinations, and finds relaxation in playing computer games like DOTA and covering his favorite songs. Recently, he has been drawn to self-help books, particularly those related to Buddhism, which provide him with a sense of tranquility during challenging times. Joshua also actively participates in sports such as badminton and volleyball, further fueling his passion for a well-rounded life.

Joshua’s expertise in chemical engineering, dedication to regulatory compliance, and unwavering pursuit of knowledge make him an invaluable asset to CAPLINQ’s global regulatory efforts.


CAPLINQ is a modern, specialty chemicals, adhesives, and plastics supplier to manufacturers in the Semiconductor, eMobility, Power Distribution, and Renewable Energy markets.

Our main products include Epoxy Coating Powders, Conductive & Antistatic Materials, Die Attach Materials, Electronics Assembly Adhesives, Encapsulants & Underfills, Epoxy Molding Compounds, Semiconductor Mold Maintenance, Soldering Materials, Specialty Tapes & Films, Surface, Stencil & Repellency Treatments, & Thermal Interface Materials.

We also offer four primary services to help foreign companies: European Order Fulfillment, Technical Representation, Technical Marketing, and REACH Only Representation.

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