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Meet Darlene Pudolin: Applications Engineer

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome Darlene Pudolin to CAPLINQ as our Product Applications Engineer! Joining our team on May 1st, 2023, Darlene brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for technology development. Based in the Philippines, where she currently resides, Darlene will be instrumental in supporting our customers’ technical sales needs, particularly in the areas of Thermal Interface Materials, Fine & Specialty Materials, and Soldering Materials.

Darlene’s journey in the field of engineering began when she moved to Metro Manila to pursue her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering at Mapua University. After four years of dedication and hard work, she not only obtained her professional license as a chemical engineer in 2014 but also showcased her determination and commitment to her craft. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Energy Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman

Her professional journey kicked off in the cement manufacturing industry, where she started as a cadet engineer and quickly worked her way up to becoming a senior quality control engineer. In this role, Darlene spearheaded cost-reduction optimization initiatives, mentored cadets in the company’s training program, and played a pivotal role in achieving IMS certification and documentation. She honed her skills in equipment operation, maintenance, and calibration, demonstrating her versatility and commitment to excellence.

Fuelled by her passion for research and development, Darlene transitioned to academia, where she embarked on a Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Research Project funded jointly by the Philippine Government and the University of California Merced. Her research focused on the development of catalyst materials for fuel cell applications and water electrolyzers. This experience broadened her horizons and deepened her understanding of cutting-edge technologies in the renewable energy sector.

Personal life

Darlene’s enthusiasm extends well beyond her professional achievements. She is a powerhouse of dedication and discipline, evident not only in her role at CAPLINQ but also in her active lifestyle. With a black belt in Arnis, the national martial art of the Philippines, and a lifelong passion for tennis, Darlene embodies a true spirit of sportsmanship.

When she’s not conquering challenges in the workplace, Darlene can be found immersing herself in outdoor adventures. Whether it’s trail running through picturesque landscapes or trekking up mountains, she embraces the beauty of nature and the thrill of pushing her physical limits. Additionally, Darlene finds solace in reading inspirational, sci-fi, and fantasy novels, transporting herself to captivating realms beyond imagination.

Beyond her remarkable accomplishments, Darlene’s vibrant personality shines through her engaging social media presence, where she shares snapshots of local cuisines and outdoor escapades. Her commitment to an active lifestyle and her thirst for knowledge and exploration make her a true asset to the CAPLINQ team who infuses passion into everything she does

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Darlene as she embarks on this exciting new chapter with CAPLINQ. We can’t wait to witness the contributions she will undoubtedly make as we continue to grow and thrive together!

You might have noticed a lot of Application Engineer hires lately, and you are right. We have hired… 6(for now). The knowledge burden for a single person was just way too much and with the rate we are growing we were able to justify all these people that will directly help our customers with their Application requirements, Darlene being one of them. Stay tuned for more updates as we introduce you to the talented individuals who form the backbone of CAPLINQ’s success.


CAPLINQ is a modern, specialty chemicals, adhesives, and plastics supplier to manufacturers in the Semiconductor, eMobility, Power Distribution, and Renewable Energy markets.

Our main products include Epoxy Coating Powders, Conductive & Antistatic Materials, Die Attach Materials, Electronics Assembly Adhesives, Encapsulants & Underfills, Epoxy Molding Compounds, Semiconductor Mold Maintenance, Soldering Materials, Specialty Tapes & Films, Surface, Stencil & Repellency Treatments, & Thermal Interface Materials.

We also offer four primary services to help foreign companies: European Order Fulfillment, Technical Representation, Technical Marketing, and REACH Only Representation.

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