Grow your business in Europe with CAPLINQ’s technical sales agent

Grow your business in Europe with CAPLINQ’s technical sales agent

Planning to expand your business beyond the boundaries of your local region? Going global is a significant undertaking that is equally complex and dynamic. Appointing a qualified and skilled leader to execute day-to-day activities in addition to gaining an in-depth understanding of the market landscape, competition and local market trends are some of the few things that require consideration. As such, appointing CAPLINQ’s technical sales agent can help grow and expand your business in Europe. Read on to know more about the benefits of having CAPLINQ’s technical sales agent.

CAPLINQ has a background in specialty chemicals

CAPLINQ doesn’t only offer typical sales agent, rather provides technical sales agent who is capable of working with engineers and purchasing managers. CAPLINQ’s technical sales agent boast of a strong technical base and a sound knowledge of how the products work, which are the best product features that translate into advantages for customers and how to sell the product.

Ability to offer local technical support

Having a local presence is of paramount importance when you are planning to compete in a foreign market. Through CAPLINQ’s technical sales agents, business owners can establish a “local footprint”, which will give them a level playing field with their local competitors. Our technical sales agents enable you to offer prompt on-site technical support to your European customers, which enhances customer satisfaction and ultimately ensures the longevity of the business.

You can have an extension of your sales office

No one understands the value proposition and unique benefits of your products more than your own sales organization. Therefore, instead of replacing the expertise, CAPLINQ leverages it. We ensure that the value of your product is clearly conveyed to the right people at the right company. Our European sales agents introduce foreign suppliers to your key decision makers.

Budget-friendly services

CAPLINQ’s technical sales agent services are available for every objective and budget. Unlike traditional agents, we offer modular services that are entirely different from each other. You can get a fixed rate for a consultant and also get a proactive technical sales agent who can introduce you to key decision makers in your target market. The biggest advantage of our services is that you pay for just what you need.

If you still have questions about CAPLINQ’s technical sales agent services, feel free to contact us now. You can also visit our website to get all the information you need about our technical representation services.

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