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Private label sales: a new sales opportunity in Europe

Private label sales is a strong trend in consumer goods and have been growing stronger every year. Now, it also has become a trend in business to business categories.

That’s because engineers and purchasing managers are searching products by benefits features, and applications. Simultaneously, the industries are developing more products with very particular specifications.

What are private label sales?

Private labeling is a practice when manufacturers make products for other businesses using their brand. This is often done when the selling business brand is stronger than the manufacturing companies’ brand. Also, when the selling company markets and sells to the manufacturing company’s target audience. Therefore, the selling company already knows the market and clients of that niche.

Private label sales success is a combination of niche products and niche marketing

Private-label marketing can help you generate quick sales, especially when focused on the right niche market and audience.

As engineers become more specific in their demands and therefore manufacturers become more niche in their product offering, this creates niche markets.

And now, the internet made easier to find these specific niches of both products and customers and selling companies in these markets are enjoying the benefits of marketing and selling these products under their own private label.

So, by using a private label, you can position your products for different and new markets industries.

CAPLINQ Technical Marketing and Private Label Sales

After selling specialty chemicals and plastics worldwide for several years, CAPLINQ has built a strong brand. Our website has been an online destination for specialty chemicals for more than 15 years. Thus, we are proud to say that customers trust our products and know that everything we offer is high quality.

Private label salesOur website has been an online destination for specialty chemicals for more than 15 years. Thus, customers trust our products and know that everything we offer is high quality.

Industry professionals recognize and trust CAPLINQ-branded products, and Google recognizes CAPLINQ as an authority in specialty chemicals and plastics with the focus in the European market.

For this reason, our Technical Marketing team works to keep our customers informed of all the products, features and applications of all products. At the same time, we keep our products pages with good SEO.

By private labeling your products under CAPLINQ’s brand you can take advantage of creating your business a new sales channels, product positioning and covert sales and marketing operations.

Please visit us at to learn more about our Private label sales service and Technical Marketing. If you have any other questions about how CAPLINQ can help you to have private label sales please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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