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Technical Marketing services translate high technical into visuals

More than 85% of the consumers use the web to find the product that meets all their requirements. But in a business environment, the majority of customers are managers and engineers and content marketing is just more than a word for the techie clients.

They search the web for products, related data, specifications, and a bit of comparative information. Also, they can even spend hours and days with the research so that they get the best product details to solve their business needs.

What kind of technical marketing works efficiently?

The product oriented information along with the effective content marketing tools works efficiently to reach the potential customers.

There is one specific product page or one specific type of product specification page that will work the best. Apart from the main page, there are various combinations of content marketing that CAPLINQ provides. So, you can have your products online with all the information important to your customer:

    • Product oriented articles and blogs
    • Category pages
    • Technical Datasheets
    • Technical brochures

Each page has its own importance but the combination of information from all these pages gains customers confidence on your products. The products or the category page is taken as the cornerstone page, which establishes the image of your product and the business.

And,  with blog articles, forums, and social media pages you can interact with your customers about the features and benefits of your products.

How to market your technical products?

When a consumer searches for a product online, they also need to see data and specifications regarding the product. The technical data is essential to help the customer make his decision.

But, sometimes having all the content and data about your product isn’t enough. You also need images and visuals to showcase your product, you also need a platform (website, blog, printed material…) and, most importantly, you need to know your audience.

CAPLINQ’s technical marketing services focus on creating the content along with the data and technical aspects that will bring your products to your customer’s attention.

Our Technical Marketing service can help not only creating content and designing images but also developing a marketing strategy.

Our content marketing services also include:

      • Customized Blog Articles
      • Technical Data Sheets
      • 3d Illustrations
      • PowerPoint Presentations
      • Website page to showcase your products

CAPLINQ also offers services like Private Label Sales, Online Chemical Portal and Online Sales Platform for a complete Technical Marketing assistance.

To learn more regarding the services provided by CAPLINQ’s technical marketing for reaching the potential customers, visit You can also contact us if you have questions regarding CAPLINQ Services.

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Chris is an energetic and enthusiastic engineer and entrepreneur. He is always interested in taking highly technical subjects and distilling these to their essence so that even the layman can understand. He loves to get into the technical details of an issue and then understand how it can be useful for specific customers and applications. Chris is currently the Director of Business Development at CAPLINQ.

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