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Be Global and Act Local With CAPLINQ Technical Representation Service

The present digital age offers an ocean of endless possibilities. The advancement in technology has drastically changed the business landscape by enabling each and every business owner to offer services globally via the web.

Expanding the boundaries of your business globally, not only increases your customer base exponentially but also enables you to establish a brand name that can be recognized worldwide. If you too are looking to expand your business activities outside of your present territory, CAPLINQ’s technical representation service will make the process effortless for you.

Our services enable companies to be global and act local. Whether you want a dedicated contact person in Europe or just want a professional to manage your resources in the EU, we can customize our technical representation services as per your needs. Read on to discover the benefits of our services.

Local presence

When it comes to offering world-class customer service, nothing compares to a having a local presence so that the customers can be assisted as and when required. As a European company having a thorough knowledge of European languages and customs, which enables us to better, understand the needs and requirements of your European customers and serve them beyond their expectations.

Quality Technical Support

Strengthen your relationship with your EU customers by offering on-site technical representation. CAPLINQ’s competent technical representation service provides a voice at the point of occurrence on your behalf. We enable you to service your customers in their own time zone and at their premises, which allows us to better understand and fulfill their needs and expectations.

Team of Qualified technical representative and engineers

CAPLINQ boasts of a diverse and skilled team of engineers and technical service representatives.

Our team has the necessary knowledge and expertise for providing complete assistance to your clients when it comes to delivering a proper understanding of the product. Therefore, we ensure that your business is properly represented and client’s trust is enhanced in your products.

Prompt and Effective Customer Service

CAPLINQ’s European office is within the driving distance of three major countries, France, Germany, and Benelux. Furthermore, we can reach most of the European customers within 3 hours via flight. Therefore, our technical representation services will enable you to ensure that your clients are provided the necessary personal assistance promptly whenever required.

For more information regarding our technical representative services, please visit You can also contact us directly for queries and concerns related to technical representation.

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