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CAPLINQ provides cooled LCL delivery from NY to Rotterdam

If you do not want to use an entire container for your cooled LCL shipment, an LCL (Less Than Container Load Transport) shipment might be the perfect solution for your business. LCL keeps goods moving in your supply chain since you can send them as soon as they are all set, rather than waiting until you have a full container.

LCL is insured to be well organized, planned and managed.

CAPLINQ offers cooled LCL

When you choose CAPLINQ for your LCL cooled shipping needs you can always expect:

  • Extremely competitive price
  • A trained professional staff
  • An accurate control on security
  • The highest level of service standards

There are a number of advantages that your business can have while opting for CAPLINQ cooled LCL:


Since LCL allows businesses to deal with small order volumes, it offers shippers total flexibility.

Delineated costs

Another great benefit of LCL is that it makes it simple to allocate freight charges. This is because the order amount of an LCL shipment or the cubic foot size of the order is absolutely clear.

Preferential treatment

This is due to the fact that the LCL containers move at higher shipping rates as compared to the usual FCL (full container load).

CAPLINQ is the ONLY company that provides COOLED LCL delivery from NY to Rotterdam. If you need a reliable, cost-effective way to transport your temperature-sensitive shipments to and from your customers around the globe, the cooled LCL it’s the best option for you. CAPLINQ is the only company that offers the service of cooled less than container load transport between NY and Rotterdam.


CAPLINQ is a specialty chemicals, plastics and products company that specializes in making foreign companies compete on a level playing field with European suppliers. With more than 300MT yearly of chemicals and plastics coming through Rotterdam in the Netherlands and a staff of engineers and technical representatives, CAPLINQ is a modern-day market partner. Using digital-age tools and the same legal techniques multinationals use, we create a European presence for foreign companies without them requiring to set up a European entity through our order fulfillment Europe service. For more information visit us or contact us if you have further questions on cooled LCL delivery from NY to Rotterdam.

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