Benefits of having a Fiscal Representative in Europe

Importing your goods into Europe and shipping them across the European Union requires a Fiscal Representative. Specially because the fiscal representative understands the European laws on value added tax (VAT).

Appointing a fiscal representative is an interesting option for foreign companies that want to sell products in Europe. At the same time that your company gain a single point of contact for all your customs and VAT transactions, you lose the risks of being non-compliant and of missing out on cash-friendly schemes such as the deferred-payment option for VAT.

Take your headaches out of VAT

Usually, companies must pay VAT to customs at the moment of the import. It can take weeks before a company can reclaim VAT charged at the moment of import. This can have a major impact on the cash flow position of companies.

Foreign companies working with a fiscal representative are not required to pay the VAT on imports immediately. These companies can pay  VAT when applying for VAT return.  So, resulting in a zero cash outflow, as foreign companies are not able to apply for VAT deferment without appointing a fiscal representative, and this means a great liquid advantage.

The fiscal representative will also take care of:

  • Register your business for VAT with the local tax office.
  • Ensure you are fully compliant with all the relevant regulations.
  • Prepare and submitting VAT returns and EU Intrastat.
  • Process your VAT payments.
  • Ensure the right VAT rate is applied.

There are a lot of choices for companies to make when expanding globally.  But, there’s one simple rule: have a market partner.

In the European landscape, having a market partner that is an expert in VAT deferment and know exactly what your company is getting into will be very valuable.

Since 2004, CAPLINQ has worked with manufacturers and producers in the United States, Canada, China, Korea, Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, and Singapore. We have worked with all these companies to physically bring their products to market in Europe. This means that we have all the knowledge and experience needed to be your market partner in the European Union.


CAPLINQ is a specialty chemicals, plastics and products company that specializes in making foreign companies compete on a level playing field with European suppliers. With more than 300MT yearly of chemicals and plastics coming through Rotterdam in the Netherlands and a staff of engineers and technical representatives, CAPLINQ is a modern-day market partner. Using digital-age tools and the same legal techniques multinationals use, we create a European presence for foreign companies without them requiring to set up a European entity through our order fulfillment Europe service. For more information visit us or contact us so we can explain the benefits of having a Fiscal Representative in Europe.

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