Local stock and just in time delivery with european warehouse

Local Stock And Just-In-Time Delivery With CAPLINQ European Warehouse

If you are looking to sell your products in Europe, you’d probably be looking for a lot of ways to provide faster delivery and best services.

You might have appointed a representative, cleared the tax, and other documentation, but have you ever thought how having your stock locally held in Europe can help you increase your presence?

If you have your products held in a European Warehouse- you will be in the same position as your local companies and will also be able to offer faster delivery to clients.

Read here how CAPLINQ’s European Warehouse service benefits you-

  • You will be on the same level as local suppliers

If you have a warehouse outside Europe, your clients won’t rely on you as they will have to wait for several days for the delivery.

With your products held in the European Warehouse, foreign suppliers can come on the same field as that of the local suppliers. Your customers will not have to wait for days and they also don’t have to worry about paying duty as they had to do while buying international products.

  • You will be able to offer in-time deliveries

European customers always prefer a local stock.

If you use CAPPLINQ’s European Warehouse service, you can easily be benefitted by offering the customers a local stock. We deliver 75% of the customers within a 24-hour drive and 99% of it in a three-day drive. So, this way, your products can be considered as the local stock.

  • Saves you money

If you use our services to import your goods, European warehouse cans also help you save money. If your goods arrive directly to the customer, you usually have to pay taxes on good. But, by storing them in the warehouse, you can delay the duty payments until goods are released from the warehouse.

Our warehouse is in Rotterdam. By using our services, you will be able to use the same techniques that multinational’s use to save money. Also, it can provide you the local presence that your business needs.

And, besides everything, there is no better thing than providing local service and in-time delivery just by using a Warehouse.

To learn more regarding our European Warehouse service, visit www.caplinq.com. You can also contact us if you have questions regarding the CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment services.


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