CAPLINQ relocates to new European Headquarters

As a testament to its continued growth, CAPLINQ Europe BV has relocated its European Headquarters. This new, larger location in the Netherlands has more than 1500 sq. meters of office, warehousing, and distribution space. Located in Assendelft, the Netherlands it is ideally suited just outside the capital city of Amsterdam.

This relocation follows just 2.5 years after it had grown out of its previous office and needed to move to a larger office to accommodate the new employees, products, and equipment needed to service its customers.

These new offices allow CAPLINQ to grow even further with:

  • A larger workroom for cutting, stamping and slitting equipment
  • More room for equipment to mix and downpack
  • Increased production capability space
  • Loading docks for easier distribution and cross-docking
  • More warehouse space for frozen (-40°C, -20°C) and cooled (5°C) goods
  • More warehousing for order distribution customers
  • Much larger office space to accommodate our next growth cycle

COVID-19 accelerates growth in CAPLINQ’s key sectors

“We have been supplying specialty chemicals are plastics into the Semiconductor (incl. 5G), eMobility, Power Distribution, and Renewable Energy industries for years,” commented Christopher Perabo, Business Development Director at CAPLINQ. “The corona-pandemic has accelerated development of products across all these sectors and with it the adaptation of the products CAPLINQ supplies.”

Another area CAPLINQ has benefited from this growth has been in the service side of the business required to supply these materials. CAPLINQ’s REACH Only Representation service helps foreign customers navigate the regulatory requirements to import and sell chemicals into Europe. Likewise, the European Order Fulfillment service enables the logistics, warehousing, and distribution of these same products.

The location selected was strategically located to be close to the large talent pool that Amsterdam offers as well as as being situated in an industrial park that allows us to produce all of the chemical products we offer.

CAPLINQ Europe’s new corporate address

Telephone numbers and email addressed will stay the same, but vendors and visitors are welcome to visit us at our new corporate headquarters.

Industrieweg 15E
1566JN Assendelft
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (20) 893 2224
Fax: +31 (84) 746 3497

For more information about CAPLINQ or to understand how the products and services we offer can help you grow your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


CAPLINQ is a modern, specialty chemicals and plastics supplier to manufacturers in the Semiconductor, eMobility, Power Distribution, and Renewable Energy markets.

Our main products include Epoxy Coating Powders, Conductive & Antistatic Materials, Die Attach Materials, Electronics Assembly Adhesives, Encapsulants & Underfills, Epoxy Molding Compounds, Semiconductor Mold Maintenance, Soldering Materials, Specialty Tapes & Films, Surface, Stencil & Repellency Treatments, & Thermal Interface Materials.

About Chris Perabo

Chris is an energetic and enthusiastic engineer and entrepreneur. He is always interested in taking highly technical subjects and distilling these to their essence so that even the layman can understand. He loves to get into the technical details of an issue and then understand how it can be useful for specific customers and applications. Chris is currently the Director of Business Development at CAPLINQ.

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