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Aculon Adhesion Promoter & Primer for Surface Treatments

Primers and promoters are the advanced solutions that offer a support for topcoats while potentially eliminating for sanding or rubbing surfaces. A primer is a substance that is used as a preparatory coat on materials; especially, to prevent the absorption of paints, and more.

While an adhesion promoter is used as an additive to promote adhesion of coatings, additives to the substrate of interest. Without using the adhesion promoter, the properties of the coating is not enough to meet the requirements needed for the final product.

Aculon adhesion promoters or primers are known to improve the adhesion characteristics of metals through the self-assembled monolayers of phosphonates. They consist of the reactive group that bond with the coatings containing functional groups such as oxide, epoxies, acrylates, and polyurethanes particles. Moreover, being a proven supplier of industrial grade coatings, they have introduced their patented Hydroxyl and Methacrylate Functional Promoter.

These promoters have a monolayer to multilayer to monolayer thickness and a uniform thickness at the nanoscale. Moreover, it has easy applications. For most of the substrates, it can be applied in less than five minutes. They also feature tunable wetting properties for every coating and adhesive.

Application of Adhesion

Promoter Step-1: Clean Clean all the parts properly prior to the treatment for effective application.

Step-2: Primer Application When it comes to primer, you have three ways of its application that include dip, wipe and spray.

For a dip method, you can apply surface treatment via 30 seconds dip bath. If you want to use wipe process, use a clean cloth and simply wipe the treatment across the surface.

For the spray method, spray the solution on to the substrate by making use of double passes.
Step-3: Apply your coating on top of the adhesion promoter.

Other benefits of using Aculon’s Promoters include:

    • They eliminate major adhesive failures
    • They are optically clear i.e., there is 100% transmission for visible light
    • Minimal capital requirements
    • Blendable actives that can be used for increased surface adhesion.

Furthermore, Aculon has also introduced an incredible solution for permanent adhesion of balancing leads. Their surface energy enhancer wipes are the perfect solution for optimizing the wheel balance process.

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