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When do REACH Consulting Services Make Sense?

Our REACH experts provide the finest approach that helps foreign and domestic suppliers regarding trading in Europe.

Planning to get your products or business into Europe?

Well, to do so, you are required to comply with European regulations. Whether it’s a small business, or a large chemical manufacturing company, everyone should possess European REACH compliance.

But, various Non-European companies don’t have adequate knowledge about the terms. Hence, they require the REACH consulting services.

CAPLINQ’s consulting services walk you through the compliance process and help you trade in Europe. They help you keep focused on your business while making sure that you are REACH compliant.

But when do REACH consulting services make sense? Read here:

For Complex REACH Registrations

There are ECHA REACH registrations that are quite broad and are not able to cover everything. They are the joint submissions, as the chemical substances have the same chemical composition. But, there can be times when your substance might come with a different composition; there is a need for unregistered chemical, or you want data to be registered in technical dossier.

As we work with the special chemicals, our REACH consulting services follow a tailored approach to help you. We meet the foreign supplier to understand your needs. Determine the current status of chemical substances, benefits of every option, and then, choose the best choice.

For Complex Articles Compliance

Articles of REACH are complex. There are various items that are considered under REACH including flooring, plastic, jewelry, clothing, furniture, and newspaper.

Some of the articles have intended release while some come packed in a container. But, our REACH consulting services has equipped many ways to deal with these tricky articles.

We get the agreements signed and make sure that none of your trade secrets go out.

Furthermore, we also focus that only minimum amount of information is required for compliance.

For European REACH Compliance In Companies

Not just the Non-European companies, even the European companies need to be REACH compliant by 2018. Though we only focus on the foreign suppliers, our REACH consulting services make sure that European companies also understand the rules.

Sometimes, they buy the products outside Europe. If they are mixed, and a chemical reaction occurs, that will be considered as chemical substance manufacturers under REACH.

To learn more regarding the REACH Consulting services for REACH Compliance, visit You can also contact us if you have questions regarding the CAPLINQ’s REACH services.

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