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CAPLINQ Online Sales Platform: Market Your Products Globally

Planning to expand your business in Europe? Partnering with a reliable online sales platform can help you establish your business more quickly. CAPLINQ’s technical marketing services allow you to market your products in Europe.

We create online sales platform that introduces purchasing managers to foreign suppliers. In addition, we also boast of a having a wide global audience and an established network of purchasing managers who trust our products and technical knowledge. Read on to know how CAPLINQ online sales platform can help in your business growth.

Unique Marketplace for Value Added Products

Unlike platforms that sell commodities, CAPLINQ Online Sales platform focuses on providing value-added products that have a higher value for customers. Typically, commodities sell for the lowest price available in the market as it does not differentiate itself from the rest.

On the other hand, value-added product solves a greater problem for the buyer, which makes them high in demand. These products are sophisticated and require specific marketing expertise. Also, CAPLINQ also boasts of expertise in specialty chemicals, products, and plastics, which enables us to translate technical terms into easy-to-understand ideas and benefits for customers to drive sales.

Access to a global audience

In this day and age, it simply doesn’t suffice a business to put their products online. Companies are expected to make the product available for delivery in various countries and provide the option to trade in different currencies.

Furthermore, purchasing managers are tech-savvy and usually spent hours researching a product before making a decision to buy.

CAPLINQ online sales platform enables you to market your products worldwide. Our experts help you create specific marketing message for your products that directly speaks to global purchasing manager. Plus, through our technical marketing service, we provide a single global platform. Product specification, support, safety data sheets, features, and benefits are all complete in technical data sheets available on the platform.

High Google Ranking

Organic traffic from Google and other search engines are critical for driving sales on any online channel. With decades of experience selling and marketing specialty chemicals, plastics, and products online, CAPLINQ has carved a space for itself in the digital world. Therefore, our technical marketing services can help get your products top search engine rankings to drive traffic.

Still got questions about CAPLINQ Online Sales Platform or our technical marketing services? Please visit or contact us directly to get the necessary support and assistance.

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