RoHS, REACH and SVHC List Testing Services

REACH is Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals.

It is one of the most important European Union’s chemical regulations that aim to ensure the high-level protection of the environment from the risks posed by chemicals. An important element of this process is the analysis of the chemicals. And, an ideal analyzing technique requires ‘testing.’

There are two aspects of chemical substance that require tests. First is the analysis of the chemical substance to understand the potential risks, which is known as REACH technical dossier testing. Second is REACH and SVHC testing of chemicals to see how much of hazardous material they contain.

According to the experts, there are many registrations that are needed to be performed for REACH May 31st, 2018 deadline. And, since all substances imported into the EU in more than 1T/a, and not subject to the 2010 or 2013 registration deadline.

Therefore, it means that workload will increase extensively for all stakeholders.

So, when European labs are fully booked until mid-2018, CAPLINQ can still offer REACH and SVHC list testing services.

REACH Technical Dossier Testing

The manufacturers who want to import chemical substances into Europe have to create a dossier that consists of all the information on that element. Like how it is made, exposure, uses, etc.

Under REACH, there is a chemical substance registrant that is responsible for compiling the registration dossier. And, CAPLINQ can easily do it for you.

Many companies charge an hourly fee for this service, but our experts are familiar with this process and will charge you the single fixed fee.

REACH And SVHC List Testing Services

REACH testing is done to determine if substances of high risk are in your products or not.

The most recent list consisted of 169 substances.

Also, many clients asked their suppliers to sign the declaration that their products do not contain any harmful elements.

So, CAPLINQ gives you a report for your customer’s that shows your products do not contain harmful on this list. On our complete testing, we give suppliers the option to test for any of these elements. Or, we conduct a List Testing Services that screens all the elements for a rate of $850.

As the leading chemical supplier, CAPLINQ gets you the most effective ways to accomplish this testing. Our testing includes physical, environmental, and analytical parameters. We have the world-class laboratories and technicians that have expertise in this trade.

For more information and details on the REACH and SVHC List testing services, visit You can also contact us if you have questions regarding other testing services.


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