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Fiscal Representation In Europe – Bring Products To EU

There are certain business activities like trading chemicals and goods into Europe that require the reports like Intrastat, sales, and a local VAT registration.

Many countries permit foreign businesses to register directly with the tax office. However, under some conditions, the tax authorities require a company to have fiscal representation in Europe, i.e., their country. And, if you are looking to ship and import your goods into the European Union; it requires a fiscal representative who understands the European regulations on VAT.

There are two types of Fiscal Representation: General and Limited.

General Fiscal Representation takes away all the VAT issues as the Fiscal representative is responsible for all VAT duties. Limited representation is limited to act on behalf of the foreign company for the import without paying VAT.

Read how CAPLINQ’s Fiscal Representation in Europe helps you to get your products into the European Union.

Helps you with VAT submission during imports

VAT is a specific type of tax that is applied in the European Union. According to their regulations, the business should have a certain type of establishment within EU.

Our fiscal representation in Europe service takes care of the payment of VAT, presentation of VAT returns due to the authorities by submitting the Intrastat European Sales statements.

Reduction of the administrative costs

There is no denying the fact that fiscal representation has many advantages than just the registration of foreign supplier.

By using the Fiscal Representation In Europe service, the cost of supplying products in Europe will be cheaper and faster. Not only this, you also get many financial advantages as you don’t need to finance VAT.

You just have to inform the customs one time, and after that, the foreign supplier takes whole administration and outsources it.

Allows you to apply reverse-charge mechanism

As a foreign business trader, you can apply the reverse charge mechanism for the import if you appoint a fiscal representative.

It makes you liable for complying with all the obligations and saves you funds for extra insurance.

With the help of CAPLINQ’s Fiscal service, your business is insured and will have a standing tex deposit with the tax authorities.

To learn more regarding the fiscal representation in Europe, visit You can also contact us if you have questions regarding the CAPLINQ’s order fulfillment services.

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