REACH Safety data sheets

REACH Safety Data Sheets to replace Material Safety Data Sheets

Safety data sheets formerly known as the Material Safety Data Sheets are the documents that come with hazardous chemical substances, warning the users of dangers of products and guidance on their storage, handling, and disposal.

They are the product-specific sheets that contain the usage instructions and enable the buyer to develop a safe working environment for their buyers.

Though REACH SDS and MSDS contain the same basic information, here is why CAPLINQ’s REACH safety data sheets are replacing material safety data sheets:

• Includes only essential information: We understand that REACH safety data sheets could contain some information that the manufacturers would not prefer to disclose. Thereby, CAPLINQ includes only the essential information while not giving away the secretive information.

• Compliant in many regions: CAPLINQ produces and maintains the REACH compliant safety data sheets that are required to ship your chemicals in Europe. Not just for Europe, these sheets can also be used in other regions of the world including Asia, Europe, and America.

• Made under proper filing and distribution system: We make use of the proper filing system that ensures REACH safety data sheets are compliant and updated. Also, we provide you the sheets in a secured PDF format to reduce the risk of unauthorized tampering.

• Made in one master language: There are various manufacturers who are quite reluctant in spending the money to get the REACH SDS for every region. To minimize the costs, we make an SDS in the English language that complies with German regulations. Not only this, CAPLINQ as a REACH ORO member and representative offers cost-effective REACH SDS translation service in any language.

It is essential to use REACH safety data sheets for both the supplier and country, as the same product can have different compositions in different countries. With CAPLINQ, you can stay assured because our sheets are prepared according to REACH regulations and comply with European REACH regulation (EC1907/2006.)

We don’t rely on the authoring software instead; we have the best and multi-linguistic staff to provide you the best product. To learn more regarding CAPLINQ REACH services, visit You can also contact us if you have questions regarding the CAPLINQ’s REACH safety data sheet services.


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