PIT2SD polyimide tape to replace NuSil CV4-1161-5 for solar cells

PIT2SD polyimide tape to replace NuSil CV4-1161-5 for solar cells

When it comes to mounting solar panels, the mounting options may vary depending on the type of surface the panel needs to be mounted on, and the vehicle or vessel it is being mounted to. The two most popular options for this purpose include drilling holes and driving screws on to the surface; and using an industrial strength, high adhesive tape.

Although the technique of mounting the solar panel by drilling holes is effective. But, at the same time, improperly sealed holes can prove to be disastrous by allowing water to penetrate. Water can destroy the insulation, upholstery and sheet metal of the solar panel.

This leaves us with the second option of using industrial strength tapes for mounting. The application of pressure sensitive tapes and labels like Nusil CV4-1161-5 or CAPLINQ’s PIT2SD polyimide tape helps in creating a strong adhesive bond without wetting heating or adding a curing agent. The tapes used for this purpose are weatherproof and offer a very strong bond.

Nusil CV4-1161-5 is a one part, double-sided pressure sensitive tape with 0.002” Kapton® liner in the middle and a thickness of 0.005”. It has been widely used for several adhering and bonding applications with metals, paper, glass, fabric, some synthetics, organic rubbers, and films including polyester or Kapton.

While its ability to withstand extreme temperature and pressure variations makes it a great option. Therefore, CAPLINQ’s PIT2SD polyimide tape is specially designed for improved bonding and stronger adhesion for mounting solar cells.

How is CAPLINQ’s PIT2SD more efficient?

PIT2SD polyimide tape is a double-sided mounting tape with high-temperature resistance. The tape is designed to withstand temperatures as high as 260°C. Although, solar cells never see these temperatures, but their maximum ambient temperature can still be quite high.

What are the benefits of using CAPLINQ PIT2SD polyimide tape for mounting solar panels?

    • PIT2SD features 2-mil backing thickness, which offers enough strength and endurance for proper handling of solar cells.
    • The tape has a release-liner on one side, which enables easy application. It can be applied on one side and then the release liner can be peeled off before mounting the solar cell.
    • PIT2SD polyimide tape uses a silicone adhesive that helps in maintaining adhesion in hotter environment as well.

Learn more about PIT2SD polyimide tape by visiting the CAPLINQ website or directly browsing through our product page. You can also explore our complete list of polyimide tapes to find the one that suits your precise requirements. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will ensure that your queries are resolved immediately.

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