Polyimide Tape – Calculate price per kilogram (or per lbs)

We were recently asked to provide the price per kilogram ($/kg) or the price per pound ($/lbs) of our polyimide tape. The following example describes how this can be done:

First, collect all the information required

  • Dimensions of the polyimide tape including film thickness, adhesive thickness, roll length, roll width
  • Density of the polyimide
  • Density of the adhesive
  • Price per roll of the polyimide tape

This example will assume PIT5S/510mm so has the following information:

  • Dimensions of polyimide tape: 51cm (Width), 0.0127cm (Thickness), 3300 cm (Length), Adhesive Thickness 0.00254cm
  • Density of Polyimide: 1.42g/cc
  • Density of Adhesive: 0.3g/cc (this is a good approximation for all adhesive types)
  • Price per roll: $552.59/roll (+25 roll pricing)

Then we start calculating:

  • Polyimide: 51cm (W) x 0.0127cm (T) x 3300cm (L) x 1.42 g/cc (D)= 3035 grams
  • Silicone Adhesive: 51cm (W) x 0.00254cm(T) x 3300cm (L) x 0.3 g/cc (D) = 128g
  • 3035grams + 128grams = 3163grams = 3.163kgs = 6.97 lbs
  • Price is: $552.59/3.163kg = $174.70/kg ($79.28/lbs)

For more information, you can consult our complete list of polyimide tapes, or you can compare our polyimide films and tapes. Should you have any other questions, please contact us or visit the CAPLINQ website today to find out more, or for more information.

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