How to buy low cost solder spheres online

Assuming what you are looking are low cost solder spheres, and not cheap solder balls, you have come to the right place. If you want to buy cheap solder balls, go to Alibaba or eBay, type in “cheap solder balls” and you will be overwhelmed with offers for wholesale solder balls and all kinds of cheap solder spheres. Sorry, did you say you wanted quality solder balls too? That’s a different matter.

In our article “How is a high quality solder sphere made?”, we identify key material properties that make for high quality solder balls. These are important because often times, your BGA, flipchip or wafer level chip scale package could have hundreds or even thousands of I\O’s so a single defect could mean a complete device failure.

That said, there are ways to deliver low cost solder balls while maintaining high quality by using the tools that are available today. CAPLINQ is one of the worlds’ largest suppliers of solder balls, and we are so confident in our system and our products, that we are not afraid to let our competitors know how we do it. CAPLINQ offers high quality solder spheres at the market’s best prices using these practices:

Advanced Solder Sphere Sieving Technique

CAPLINQ supplies solder spheres that use an advanced sieve sorting technique. This solder sphere sorting method is 50 times faster than a conventional sorter thus drastically increasing throughput. Increased throughput translates directly into cost savings, which we pass on to our customers.

High Solder Sphere Purchasing Power

Being one of the world’s largest supplier of solder spheres has its advantages. We are able to obtain “conflict-free” minerals in large volumes and as such can get very attractive rates on the metals needed to make the solder spheres.

Low Cost of Logistics of Solder Spheres

Due to the large volumes of packages that CAPLINQ delivers, we get excellent rates on logistics using our network of freight forwarders. Whether you live in Europe, in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Africa, the Middle East, Africa, Asia or Australia – we have delivered there already (Hmmmm, checking the order list, it seems that we have yet to deliver to Comoros or Atlantis). Our slogan is expertise in worldwide delivery, and we mean it. We know all the rule sof import, duty, shipping and taxes and have a streamlined process for getting your orders to you at very good rates.

Highly Automated Solder Ball Order Process

Our ordering process is completely automated. Each order calculates the exact weight and dimensions of your order. Depending on your ship to address, the order will either originate from our Netherlands, Canada or China warehouse. The order will be picked and the packing slip is made and the freight forwarder is already contacted by the time you press confirm.

We hope you have learned how CAPLINQ can help you get some high quality solder spheres at the market’s best prices.

Please visit us for more information about our Tin/Lead (Sn63Pb37) Solder Spheres or our Leadfree (Pb-free) Solder Spheres including SAC105, SAC125N, SAC305, SAC387, SAC396 or SAC405 and 4N Pure Tin Sn100 Solder Spheres.

Visit to learn more about all our solder products including our solder spheres. You can also contact us if you have further questions on buying

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