CAPLINQ to sell Tin/Lead and Pb-free Solder Spheres online

After several years of representing Profound Material Technology Co. Ltd. (PMTC)BGA & Solder Balls Tin/Lead and Leadfree (Pb-free) solder spheres to its existing customer base, CAPLINQ has announced plans to sell solder spheres online. Working closely with PMTC, CAPLINQ will start with a narrow product offering of its most popular products, namely PMTC Eutectic Sn63Pb37 for its customers who still use Tin/Lead spheres, PMTC Leadfree SAC305, its most popular industry standard Pb-free solder spheres and PMTC Leadfreee SAC405, its second most popular industry standard for Pb-free processing.
Tin/Lead Solder balls
Each of these solder ball product offerings will be available in the full range of sphere diameters, from 0.075mm (3 mil) in diameter for flipchip and wafer scale packaging up to 0.76mm (30 mil) for ball attachment of Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Chip Scale Packing (CSP) applications. In order to best serve its small and middle-size customers, as well as cater to CAPLINQ’s high volume users, CAPLINQ will offer low volume packaging to its smaller customer and also high volume pricing for its best customers. All prices and volume breaks are posted on CAPLINQ’s website.

For more information about Tin/Lead (SnPb) or Leadfree (Pb-free) solder spheres or any other of our products, visit us or contact us for more details.

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