Copper tape for EMI shielding

Copper Foil Tape for EMI Shielding

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding is used in electrical parts to reduce the electromagnetic induction in a field. Copper foil tape is usually used to block the field as it is one of the finest magnetic materials.

It is crucial to shield the enclosures to isolate numerous electrical devices with the use of copper tape.  These tapes are designed in a way that they avoid the interference with the other components in the circuit.

Caplinq’s Linktape CFT1CA-Series copper tape has a conductive acrylic adhesive layer ensures adequate EMI shielding in the electrical devices. This Linqtape copper foil holds the signals that are emitted from the electrical components that may otherwise increase the electrostatic charge.

Our copper tape offers proper EMI/RFI shielding, anti-static masking, and numerous other advantages that are described below.

  1. Grounding of Static Charge

Caplinq’s Copper foil tape is grounds the static charge that can cause interference between the electrical components in a device. This tape ensures that the magnetic fields are blocked and doesn’t allow the leakage of signal that can affect the overall performance of an electronic appliance.

Moreover, the shielding effectiveness of this Linktape is up to 80dB (30MHz-1GHz) that absorbs the static charge. This charge otherwise influences the normal functionality of a device.

  1. Mechanical Protection

Another great advantage of Caplinq’s Linktape CFT1CA- Series Copper foil tape is that it provides mechanical protection to the wires and electrical components. Sometimes the wires may get in contact with some other parts of a circuit resulting in malfunctioning of the device.

The copper tape ensures proper filming that offers proper protection from wear and tear. To avoid any damage to the wires in devices like pressure sensors, these kinds of copper tapes are highly recommended.

  1. Avoids Static Charge

One of the primary reasons for preferring Caplinq’s Copper foil tape is to minimize the static charge in an electrical circuit. This foil tape is capable of storing additional charge. It also ensures that the wires are isolated from the effect of different environmental conditions.

  1. Cost-Effective way of Cushioning and EMI Shielding of wires

This copper shielding tape is perhaps the best way to ensure adequate cushioning of the electrical components. It also prevents an unnecessary static charge between the components. Moreover, the EMI/RFI shielding offered by our Copper foil tape isn’t something very expensive. This tape is available from $6.19 for 12.7 mm wide variant.

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  1. Noticed other Types of EMF Shielding and Wanted to See How copper Could be Used , with or withour Faraday bags for protection of goods.. IF These Copper products Protect against EMF exposure , I Would like a pricelist.. Thanks..

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