CAPLINQ supports Shin-Etsu Premolded Leadframe Line for LED packages

Recently, Shin-Etsu launched a new line of products codenamed “Tiger LF”. These “Tiger” leadframes are Shin-Etsu’s answer to the LED and solar market to replace the industry’s conventional PPA plastic housing with a premolded leadframe using Shin-Etsu’s patented Silicone Molding Compound – its SWC-Series products.

CAPLINQ is proud to support Shin-Etsu in this highly specilized product line which uses traditional semiconductor industry transfer mold equipment to premold SWC grade silicone onto preplated leadframes (PPF). These premolded, preplated “Tiger” leadframes aim to completely replace the industry’s current PPA premolded package or substrate with a superior, cost-effective solution that can withstand high temperature and long-term UV exposure for LED and solar cell manufacturers.

Starting in 2010, Shin-Etsu plan to fully commercialize and sell these turn-key premolded leadframes that can withstand the much tougher requirements of high power LED applications and solar cell packages. Typically, ceramic packages have been considered as the only viable alternative to the industry standard PPA premolded plastic housings to withstand higher temperature and UV conditions.

For more information regarding Shin-Etsu premolded “Tiger” LF” leadframes, please visit us or contact us for more details.

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  1. I am interested on the Tiger LF. I want to know more about this products & we can further discuss on partnership.


  2. Dear HK Phang – We acknowledge your inquiry with thanks. We will have an engineer contact you to discuss this opportunity further.

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